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I growled what the fuck is going on?! Are they playing games with my head? I smell them, then I cant, then I can, then I cant.

I kicked a tree I groaned “URGGH! FUCK SAKE!” I screamed to the sky hoping some way some idea would pop into my head.

This is so annoying! I put my hand on the back of my neck and moaned what’s wrong with me?

Everything seems different, I feel weaker. I can’t smell things properly, everything seems confusing.

I don’t know what’s going on with me!

Babe. I heard Brent's voice drift through my head.

Thank god Brent's safe!

Sup dude? I said back to him acting casual.

I miss you he replied.

Aww isn’t that cute?

Baby girl I miss you so much. he whimpered softly.

Aww I miss you to babe, don’t sound so upset only a few more days ey?

I know, I'm going now…love you loads mwaahh he said making a kissy sound at the end.

Love you to, and I don’t need to make a kissy sound when you come then well see about the kissy sounds. I purred seductively.

He groaned tease, bye honey.

Then he cut the mind link off much to my dismay.


I sighed “this is boring” I have nothing to do.

Where was Hailey? Oh yeah she was at nursery I checked the time it was 2.00 I need to reach her at 2.30.

I got my keys and left the house got to love yah’ got to love yah’ I sand in my head to Brent.

He chuckled softly I already love you baby girl he said softly.

I, I'll do anything I could for ya,Boy you're my, I'm gonna flip the script on ya, You don't even know me Cause I am, I…I don't even wanna fight, fight, fight, Said I am, I…I aint even gonna fight it.

He chuckled softly I miss you, and your crazy singing.

Hey! Its not crazy….its different, you okay? How’s everything going?

Yeah its all good, were coming back in about a week.

Yey! Anyway I'm outside the nursery bye baby.

Ahh the nursery? When I come back going to have to give you a little punishment for not saying I love you.

I moaned into his head punish me all you want, ive been bad.

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