The Secret (Dylan)

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This was a request made by the person dedicated! Thank you for requesting! I hope that it was everything that you asked for. Sorry if it's not hahaha. I kind of changed it up a bit and made her the agent instead of the manager. I hope that's okay! If anybody else has a request let me know! Thanks for reading, voting and commenting!

Dylan's POV

"So what do I have to do today?" I ask as I wrap my arms around Y/N.

I stand in my kitchen and take in the smells, coffee made my beautiful girlfriend/agent.

"Well, you have filming today at nine so you should probably take a shower," she says as she jokingly plugs her nose and points at me.

"Oh really?" I ask her laughing as she pours herself another cup of coffee.

She just shakes her head in response with a smile on her face. I scoop her up into my arms and swing her over my shoulder.

She kicks at me all the way down the hallway and through the doorway to the bathroom.

When we enter the bathroom, I finally put her down. We both share a laugh and I shower off quickly while she grabs us some towels from the basket of clean laundry on her dresser and she hops in after me. I sit in the bathroom, a towel wrapped around my waist, as I wait for her to come out. I like to sit in there with her. I like it when she sings especially.

When she gets out, I stand up and turn to the sink to do the same thing we do every morning. After she's done covering her toothbrush with our Colgate toothpaste she hands it to me and I do the same. We both look into the mirror and clean our teeth.

I start to hum the song she was singing in the shower while dancing and she laughs, mission accomplished. While laughing she manages to spill half of the foamy toothpaste that was in her mouth, out on her chin which makes me laugh causing the same thing to happen to me. Minutes later we are gripping our sides to stop the cramps we have gotten from laughing so hard.

When we finishing brushing, we wipe off our faces and head to our bedroom to get dressed. After we pass the through the small doorway of the bathroom, I grab her hand and walk next to her as we go to the bedroom.

"What time is it?" I asked as I pulled my pants up my legs. "It's 8 o'clock. We gotta get going," she says taking one final look in the mirror before grabbing her large bag and her sunglasses. "Come on," she says to try to hurry me up, a smile on her face. "Oh hush up," I said after pulling my shirt over my head and kissing her cheek.

We both take separate cars to filming. The cast and my manager don't exactly know about us dating yet. I know Y/N doesn't like that we have to keep it a secret. It's hard for us to stay away from each other.

She knows that if we told anybody that things wouldn't end well.

I wish we could tell people that we were dating so I could do those things. But I also know that if we tell people things will end badly. As in, we will have to break up, badly.

My fan base is getting really strong now. When I was dating my ex, Britt she got a little hate here and there but I didn't have a lot of fans then. Now that I'm doing more movies, I'm getting more fans. More fans means that more people are going to be mad at Y/N for dating me.

When we get out of our cars, we walk onto the set of Teen Wolf. I go to grab Y/N's hand as we walk in but she shakes it off. Sometimes I forget we can't show affection towards each other but, sometimes, I don't care. If I'm having a bad day I want to be able to hug my girlfriend or maybe even just hold her hand.

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