Chapter 7

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❝Two chapters left.. This story went by so fast, I'll be sad to see it go. I felt like I was writing something off of Scary Movie 2.. What the hell did I write.❞

New Fave quote: "I'm tired of these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane." - SLJ

I had to, lmao.

Rod's Temptation; Seven

Mariah dialed Champagne, Milan, and Skylar's number, telling them to come over just to keep her company.

She stood, before she remembered the test. She had forgot about them.

She walked to the bathroom, opening the door that she never closed.

She screamed as Asia looked up with a grin on her face.

"Congratulations." Asia said as she held the tests in her hand. Before Mariah could do anything, Asia injecting something into her neck.

Black spots clouded her vision as she tried to open her eyes. Her eyes closed as she fell to the ground.

"You hear that?" Champy asked as she stood at the door of Mariah's house. She know she heard a thump, but her mommy senses was telling her something wasn't right.

"Girl," Milan started, "Ain't nobody got time for you and yo paranoia."

"Hell naw," Champy said as she opened her purse, looking through it, "Gotta stay strapped."

She pulled out her pink and silver handgun. It was a Cobra 380, Zane had brought it for her.

Skylar shook her head, knocking on the door. Five minutes later, they were still standing outside.

"See, I told y'all." Champy said as she pulled her gun off safety, walking to the back of the house.

"Where the hell you going?" Skylar whispered.

"Shhhh." Champy whispered as she walked to the backyard. She twisted the knob to the back door and cursed when she saw it was lock.

"Lan, gimme that hair pin." Milan pulled the hair pin out of her hair before she handed it to Champy.

Champagne put it in the lock, jiggling the knob as she turned the knock.

"Hell yeah." She said once it finally opened. She pushed the door opened slowly, taking small steps as she stood in her new Jessica Simpson heels.

Skylar and Milan slowly walked in too, closing the backdoor slowly.

Champy went in the kitchen, taking off her shoes so she didn't make noise. She grabbed Mariah's biggest knives before she handed them to Milan and Skylar.

Skylar jumped as music started from the stereo upstairs, Salt n' Pepper playing. Milan looked at Champy, she did this like she did it before.

They slowly walked up the steps, a shirt on the ground along with a pair of jeans.

'The hell?' Champy thought. She hoped to god that Mariah ain't have no man upstairs.

"I'm hot like a fire, burned down, diminished
Oh, now I see! Chill, let me finish
I wanna make one and all understand
I don't play, I slay when the mic's in my hand
The room temperature reaches a hundred and four
You can scramble eggs on the floor
The pressure soars, the crowd, they roar
Sweat will drip down to your drawers
The Pepa MC is like hot ice
And I paid the price to make the mic sound nice" The voice of Pepper filled the house.

Champy looked back at Milan and Skylar as they made it to the top of the stairs.

She slowly walked, gun in head as she walked to Mariah's bedroom.

"MCs out there are gonna get taxed
Rockin' to my funky beat
I'm a trip so I know you're gonna fall for me
Cuz this is the year all men fear
Female MCs is movin' up here
Salt and Pepa is strictly biz
You know the color of this, you know what time it is
"Super" is the strength of the boomin' bass
"Nature" describes our pretty face
Turning out without a doubt
Make no mistake, Queens is in the house
Yeah, check it out, ch-check it out" The music came to a stop before it was silence.

She pushed open the door as she walked in, Milan and Skylar behind her.

Champy sighed when she saw Mariah under the covers, the lamp next to the dresser showing her asleep in the dim light.

"Damn," Champy cursed, "bitch had me bout to buss a cap in somebody ass."

Milan and Skylar let out the breath they didn't even know they were holding. They laid on the bed, next to Mariah's sleeping form.

"Where's the controller?" Skylar asked.

"I don't know." Champy said as she rubbed her belly.

Skylar got off the bed, getting on her knees to look for it.

She moved the cover from the bed out the way before she screamed at the hazel eyes she saw. She stood up as Milan and Champy looked at her, Mariah starting to wake up.

"You okay?" Champagne asked as Skylar backed away from the bed.

"Theres somethin-," She stopped herself, "someone under the bed."

"You trippin'." Milan said as she got up from the bed, she got on her knees before she looked under the bed.


She sighed as she picked up the controller from the floor, "You and Champy need to calm down."

Mariah sat up, she put her hand to the aching skin on her neck. No scar was there though. Not a thing.

"You okay, girl?" Champy asked as she watched Mariah rub her throat.

Mariah shrugged... Maybe it was another dream.

"Just hungry." She said.

"I'll go bring something up." Skylar said as she opened the door, making sure to grab the abandoned knife off the dresser.

She didn't know if her eyes were just plying tricks with her but she felt like something was wrong. Something was telling her to turn back around and go in the room with the girls.

She shook her head, she just needed to get her mind off things. She was stressed about Terrence. Her hand went to her small baby bump, she hadn't told Milan yet but she knew her sister would be happy. She wanted to wait til everything calmed down before she let out the news.

She was two months along according to her doctor, everything looked great so far.

She sighed as she made it to the bottom of the steps. The TV was on, the sound was quiet though. You could barely hear it.

She went into the living room, CSI on the 60 inch screen. She pressed the power button on the side before she walked in the kitchen.

She opened the fridge before she pulled out lettuce, tomato's, mayo, meat, and bacon. She put a pan on the stove before putting pieces of bacon on it and turning on the stove.

She went to the counter, grabbing the bag of bread. She picked up a butter knife, sitting it on the counter.

She listened to the sound of the back sizzling and Milan, Champy, and Mariah's laughter. Champy was a funny person, she always laughed at her jokes. She put her hand on the counter, causing the knife to drop.

She bent down to pick it up as two dirty, black converse stood in her vision. She stood up, seeing those same hazel eyes. She was too shocked to speak or even scream. The woman smiled at her before pulling out a needle as Skylar soon recognized what was going on.

Asia grabbed Skylar's neck so her lips were right next to her ear, "Why so scared?"

Skylar shivered at Asia's voice, it was barely a whisper. It scared her.

She opened her mouth to say something before the needle connected with the vein in her neck.

She held on to Asia, her other hand holding on to the counter as everything went dark.

"You smell that?" Mariah asked, the smell of something burnt flooded the house.

"Shit." Milan said as she stood up, Mariah picked up a pillow so the fire alarm would go off. She fanned it as Milan ran downstairs, turning off the stove.

Champy walked downstairs, moving her hands back in forth in front if her as she coughed.

"The fuck is Sky at?" She asked as she scraped the bacon off the pan and into the trash can.

"I don't know." Milan said as Mariah walked downstairs, calling out Skylar's name.


Milan took her phone out her pocket, unlocking the screen before opening her messages. She read the message out loud:

From Skylar:

Had to go to the store for more bacon. Sorry, forgot to turn the stove off. :(

"Oh." Mariah said as Champy walked to the freezer, pulling out a tub of chocolate ice cream.

Milan shrugged though she knew it was unlike her sister to forget about things. She brushed it off, putting the food back in the fridge before she made herself a bowl of ice cream.

Champy turned on the TV, looking for something to watch as she dipped her spoon in the cold treat. She sighed before handing the remote to Mariah.

She didn't mind hanging with her friends, especially since Mariah had been through a lot in the past two weeks and she needed comfort but she was missing Zane. She didn't know what to say when Zaniah asked where he was, ZJ couldn't go to asleep, he kept crying about dada.

So when Mariah asked her to come over, she knew it would take her mind off things. She let her mother watch ZJ and Zaniah while she picked up both Milan and Skylar.

Now, she was missing Zane more than ever, she missed his touch, his curly hair that she loved to run her fingers through. She missed his tattoos that she loved to run her fingers over, she missed him. Knowing that all Sianna could go was make the judge give them six months to a year, hurt her. He wouldn't be able to see the birth of his child.

The cable box said 10:50 though it felt like it was still eight o'clock. She are the last of the ice cream as she felt that aching feeling.

She put the bowl on the table and ran upstairs to the bathroom. When she was a kid, her house had a upstairs and downstairs bathroom. Her brother, CJ, always used the downstairs one while she went upstairs, it became a habit.

She opened the bathroom door before she did her business. She looked down at her hands as she washed them, the door opening with a creak.

"If you needed to use the bathroom you coulda went down stairs, girl." She said before she looked up into the mirror, a woman with a mask stood in the behind her.

Asia chuckled as Champy frowned, she couldn't even scream. Champy turned around, drying her hands on her pants. She reached into the back of her jean pocket, pulling out her knife.

She knew something was up..

She lunged, pushing the knife into Asia's abdomen just as Asia injected Champy.

Champy grabbed her throat, her breaths getting shorter as she tried to breathe. Asia grabbed her, carefully sitting the woman on the floor.

"Shit." She hissed as she lifted her shirt. She opened the cabinet, pulling out Mariah's first-aid kit.

She locked the bathroom door before she grabbed a cotton ball, dipping it in alcohol. She wiped the blood from the cut, gritting her teeth at the pain. She grabbed some bandages, wrapping the sticky white strip around her stomach.

She put the kit back, this wasn't what she expected. She didn't expect to get hurt, now it seems as of she was in a scary movie. At least she could kill all the girls tonight, it only made her job easier.

She pulled a folded piece of paper out of her pocket, sitting it on the counter.

She picked up a unconscious Champy, throwing the pregnant woman over her shoulder. She could hear the voices in the living room. She walked down the steps carefully, she went into the kitchen, slipping out the back door where a thrashing Skylar was waiting.

"Damn, she been in there for a long time." Milan said, "Lets go check on her."

Mariah stood up before they walked upstairs into the bathroom.

"Champagne?" Milan asked as she knocked on the door.

Mariah twisted the knob, opening the door. The bathroom was empty, nothing.

Milan grabbed the piece of paper off the bathroom counter, reading it aloud:

Sorry I left without telling y'all. Had to go pick up my babies, ZJ has a fever.

- Champy

The handwriting looked like somebody was in a rush. It was sloppy but Milan knew Champy put her kids first, she was probably speeding just to make sure her baby boy was okay.

Mariah looked into the trash can, she frowned when she saw more than ten bloody cotton balls in the trash.

"She's bleeding." Mariah said as she pointed to the trash can, "Call Skyler, maybe she can drive to Champy's mother house, see if she's okay?"

Milan nodded before they walked out the bathroom. Milan grabbed her phone from off the couch as Mariah looked out the backdoor.

She cursed when she remembered she left the pool house door open.

"She won't answer, I just texted her." Milan said.

Mariah nodded her head, "I have to go check outside."

"I'll go with you." Milan said before Mariah opened the backdoor as the cool air met their skin.

She followed the cement trail to the pool, Milan followed behind her. Mariah opened the gate that led to the pool.

They both stopped in their tracks when they saw Asia smoking a cigar, sitting on one of the pool chairs.

Milan started to run to Skylar. Both Champy and Skylar were tied to a chair, sitting on the edge. One push and they would fall in, drowning.

"I wouldn't do that." Asia said as she stood up, only in a shirt that Mariah recognized as hers, "I'll push her."

"No! Stop!" Milan cried, stopping in her tracks as she watched Asia stand behind Skylar's chair.

Skylar tried to pull the gag off her that Asia had put on when she was unconscious.

Asia giggled, leaning down to kiss Skylar's ear, "You see that. She wants you to live."

"Please!" Milan begged as tears fell from her eyes.

"Please please please!" Asia shouted as she moved Skylar's chair back and forth as both Milan and Sky screamed in fear, "Don't you think I begged please when he made me do this!"

Champy continued to watch the scene while she used the knife that Asia forgot about to cut at the rope. Once it was easy enough to get loose from, she waited til Asia moved away from Skylar to make a move.

"What are you doing?" Mariah asked, finally being able to speak.

"Doing what your boyfriend told me to do. He told you he'd have to kiss you if you didn't marry him. Well you didn't fucking marry him!" She screamed moving Skylar's chair faster before she pushed it into the pool, "Oops!"

Champy stood up, breaking from the ropes as she charged at Asia. Asia turned around just as Champy's knife connected with her neck.

Asia's eyes grew wide as her hands went to the knife plunged inside her neck, blood leaking from the wound. She took her last breath before she fell to the ground.

Mariah jumped into the water, Milan crying on the ground. Mariah grabbed the chair, lifting it as she held her breath. She swam to the surface, holding the chair that was holding an unconscious Skylar.

Champy grabbed the chair, helping Mariah pull it out of the pull. Milan ran to her sister, tears falling from her eyes as Champy cut the ropes.

They pulled Skylar's body out of the chair, sitting her on the ground. Champy sat Sky's head on her lap while Milan opened her mouth, holding her nose.

She put her mouth against her sisters, pulling back for air before doing it again.

Skylar coughed, water coming out of her mouth as she coughed it up. She held her chest with one hand as she took deep breaths. Milan grabbed her sister, hugging her tightly.

Mariah moved her wet hair from out of her eyes as she saw something move out of the corner of her eye. She looked to her left to see Asia stretching her arm out, trying to get help. Mariah watched as she outstretched her arms one more time before she fell back on the ground.

"Shit." Champy whispered as she held her stomach.

"You okay?" Mariah asked.

"He kicked." Champy grinned as she chuckled.

Realization filled Mariah, "Zero snitched."


Mariah tightened the blanket around her as the EMT's made sure she was okay. She already knew Rod was going to go crazy when she told him what happened.

To other woman, if they had to go through that, they would rather be single but not for her.

This was only made for down chicks..

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