Gossip and a Discovery

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Last night I slept marvelously. Of course, my night was filled with sexy, vivid dreams. I went to bed with a smile, after his late-night visit, and I'm waking up happy, thinking of my date tonight.

Looking at my alarm clock, I notice it is not even 5:00 Am, yet. I began picking out my clothes for the day. Sifting through my closet I settled on one of my favorite shirts that said Kitty Cat Meow, across it. I grabbed a pair of skinny jeans and headed to my bathroom.

After my shower, I debated on how to fix my hair. Deciding on some soft curls, I plugged in my hot rollers, and began putting on my makeup. I don't like to wear too much makeup, mostly just mascara, a little eyeliner and lip gloss. From time to time I like to wear a little eyeshadow. After I finished I set my hair on rollers and began cleaning up my bathroom and making my bed. Thirty minutes later and I was all ready for school but I still had over an hour before I had to leave for school.

Walking into the kitchen I could see my parents sitting at the table drinking their coffee.

"Good morning, you're up and ready early" My mother smiled.

"I thought I'd make some Pancakes," I said as I skipped over to the cabinet and began taking out the flour and mixing bowl. I grabbed the eggs and milk out of the Fridge and began pouring the stuff into the mixing bowl.  My mother got up and turned on the griddle, as she watched me.

"Mom we are out of orange juice," I said as I poured the last bit of simply orange into my cup. I stood waiting for the griddle to heat up.

"I'll pick up some later." She said as she put away the eggs and milk.

The griddle could only hold about three to four pancakes at a time depending on how big they were. So I did the math in my head and figured I would make about ten pancakes.

"You're in a great mood today; you must have had a good time on your date last night." My mother gushed.

"Mom it wasn't a date. I was just showing Max around since he is new here." I rolled my eyes, but she couldn't see me since I was facing the griddle. I began piling the pancakes on the platter and added another batch to the griddle.

"Izzy, you haven't been up and dressed this early in a long time, and yu curled your hair." My mother stated as if this would prove her point.

"Mother, it wasn't a date, and Max is just a friend." I turned around with the spatula in my hand. My father was just looking over his paperwork, but I could tell he was listening to us.

"Oh come one, you come down here skipping and making pancakes, you haven't done that since you were 10." She teased.

"Was that alpha Derek's car, outside last night?" my Father asked thankfully stopping my mother's torture.

"He came over to apologize," I told my father.

"Apologize for what? My mother asked confused. Oh damn, you end one line of questioning and she starts another. I gave my father a look, he only shrugged his shoulders.

"It's a long story really, mom," I said as I placed more pancakes on the platter.

"Seems like you have plenty of time to tell me, I thought you two were doing training together. Did he train roughly with you?" My mother began spouting out questions.

I took out my phone and sent a text to Melly asking her to meet me at school alone. I just really needed to talk to her about Derek. I was relieved when she messaged back saying give her five minutes. I was thankful to get out of the house because my mother would not give up. She loved this kind of thing. Of course, I didn't go on many dates anymore since dad thought it pointless, and scared off my dates, so she gets so happy, even if it wasn't a date.

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