Chapter 8

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Continues from last chapter

His eyes. They were just a light colour. Brown, a hazel, a type of brown mixed with gray. I don't know.

"What?" Oli asked pulling me out of my thoughts. I looked at him and then back at the Alpha King.

I turned around and ran inside and upstairs straight to my room. I locked the door behind and smiled.

I have a mate as well Ava. I have a mate I thought smiling brightly to myself. This is the most I have smiled in my life. And it's because I have mate.

"I have a mate as well" I giggled laying on the bed, smiling to myself.

I can live a normal life now Ava I thought and she nodded

We found our mate. But why did you run? She asked and I smiled

I don't know. His eyes. They were so light and his voice.. I trailed off.

"Emily! Open the door" I heard dad say and I nodded. I stood up and opened the door to see dad and mom standing there.

"Oliver told us you found your mate. But why did you run?" Mom asked walking into the room with dad behind her.

"I don't know" I mumbled and dad looked at me.

"Do you want a mate Emily?" He asked and I quickly nodded

"Yes dad" I replied and mom smiled

"She's excited" mom clapped her hands and I blushed.

"Well come on. Everyone is leaving so we can talk to your mate. Oliver told us that he is the Alpha King. Wow" mom said and I followed her downstairs with dad behind me.

The house was empty. Dad walked us to the office, and we went inside to see Oliver, my mate and another guy standing there.

"Alpha King. Please sit down" dad said and my mate sat down on a chair.

"Dad I want you to do this. This is about Emily. And you are her dad" Oli said pulling the chair out for dad and he smiled and nodded

"I'm just going to take her home with me. She is my mate" Alpha King said getting straight to the point.

"But it is her choice. Emily? Do you want to go with your mate?" Dad asked and I nodded

"Yes dad" I replied and dad nodded.

"Oliver. Go pack her things" Oliver and mom both walked out the room.

"You promise to come back right?" Dad asked me standing up and walking towards me.

My mate and the other guy walked out the room as dad hugged me.

"Yes dad. But I don't know where I'm going" I mumbled wrapping my arms around dad and he chuckled

"Texas Emily. Your going to Texas" he chuckled and I nodded as dad let me go.

"I don't really want you to go because we only got you back, but I know it hurts a lot when you're not close to your mate. I know that. Your mom moved a lot. But you have to come back someday okay?" Dad muttered and I nodded

"Of course" I said as mom walked back into the room with Oliver and another girl.

"Oliver found his mate as well. This is Maddy, short for Madeline" mom smiled and dad nodded

"I'm happy you both found you mate. Welcome to the family. Emily shall we go?" Dad asked and I nodded

We all walked out the pack house and dad put my suitcase in the white a car. I don't know what it's called but it had a nice shape.

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