Beyond The Beach

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GENRE: Adult Romance, language and sexual situations, suitable for 18+


Masen Pelletier was living his life to the fullest, on a mission to surf every beach he could. He had his life ahead of him and there was nothing or no one he couldn't have but what happens when he meets Zoe, someone who won't give him what he wants. Will he change his ways and find a way to live beyond the beach or will he always swim alone?

Chapter 1

The crisp air blew outside the window, forcing small debris into the sky, lifting and lifting until it dropped somewhere Zoe couldn't see. Her lip curled into a small smile as she imagined the scattered fragments drifting all the way to New York City, where it could join its brethren in the land of debris and chaos where she came from. A land where the sights and sounds, while exciting at times, were never tranquil or at peace.

Zoe couldn't see the beach where she was standing but she could certainly sense its proximity. She had found that in the short time they had been there that the beach seemed to have a presence, an awakening of mind and spirit when you were anywhere near its vicinity. How this could be, she wasn't quite sure. She only knew that it made her happy and oddly at ease.

The smell of the salty water rose from the shore and into the small room they occupied at the top of Surfer's Beach. They were staying in Governor's Harbor on Eleuthera Island, one of the many islands that made up the Bahamas. Eleuthera was more of a local destination than the tourist spot that was Nassau, which was both good and bad. Good in the sense that there were less people and bad, well, it had less people, leaving Zoe unsure of herself, unable to blend in with the millions. The creaky floorboards of the room announced themselves as Zoe strode to the worn couch cloaked in its tropical colors. She plopped down unceremoniously, looking up at her excited best friend, Summer.

"I don't want to go," Zoe pouted from the couch.

"Zoe, the whole point of being in the Bahamas is to actually be in the Bahamas," Summer exclaimed with an arch of her perfectly sculpted brow.

"I am happy being where I am. I have been out, a lot, but I need to finish this piece. I want it to be done before we get back. I won't have another opportunity to relax and just... write once we get home."

Summer rolled her eyes as she brought one sash against her waist and then the other as she fitted her sarong low on her hips. Summer was unnaturally short, in comparison to other women, with short dark hair and deep brown eyes. She had a fiery spirit that often caused her to act without thinking, sometimes with dire consequences. But when she set her mind on something she went for it, full steam ahead. The complete opposite of Zoe. Perhaps that was why they had become such good friends.

Zoe and Summer had known each other for five years. They had met when Zoe was hired as a receptionist for Webster, Inc., a large investment firm in New York City. Summer, being a seasoned employee, had been assigned to show her the ropes and how to maintain herself within the company. They became fast friends, taking lunch with each other every day. It was during the initial stage of their friendship that Zoe had learned two very important things about Summer. The first being that she lived for fashion. She actually allotted 40% of her salary to be used specifically for clothes and shoes. Something that Zoe couldn't fathom. The second thing she learned was that Summer was obsessed with Ethan Webster, who just so happened to be the CEO's son and next in line to run the company.

Ethan Webster did not work in their particular branch but came in often. When Zoe and Summer decided to cut expenses a few years after they began to work with each other and share an apartment, she realized just how far this obsession went. Summer had a file of all the newspaper clippings that Ethan was in and talked relentlessly about his accomplishments in and out of the office. As far as Zoe could ascertain, Summer had never actually met him which is what led them to the island in the first place.

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