Chapter 7

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Business is more important, than my personal life

Becky's Pov

Walking backstage i didn't take my eyes off of my feet, did i just really betray Aj? I din't know him as long as i did with Finn, but was this relationship worth more then that relationship? Finn stopped me in my spot as i sighed and looked up slightly, ''Becky what's wrong?''he asked me that as i tried to speak, but my throat was clenching up on me. I felt my shoulder get bumped, it was by Aj. He didn't even acknowledge me or Finn's presence continuing to walk to his locker room, without any noise.

I bit my lip to hold my tears, that desperately wanted to come out.''Becky it is just business, Business is more than my personal life. Then that is the way it has to be for you too.''I nodded and pushed away his body softly walking to my locker room, i felt a lot of eyes downing down on my mood. I didn't know that a women's championship was worth this much emmotional pain.

Finn patted my shoulder as he nodded, i stayed silent as he walked and i followed.

Aj's POV

So Finn wants to play games, he's going to get one after i win the world title. When i win and prove that i am not just phenomenal but the true best in the world, Everyone will know that i mean business.

I started to take off my blue and white gloves until i suddenly bumped into a was Seth and Paige. I'd known Seth since me and his indies days, i never got to meet Paige before though.

Watching wwe television i remember the day Paige betrayed the two women, who've been a throb in my side for so long now. No one spoke a word out loud, i did see Seth whisper into Paige's ear though. Intrigued is what i was now, i wonder what Seth whispered into her ear?

Authors POV

Minutes passed on with silence, as finally aj just walked past. Seth and Paige walked down the hall until they reached the door of...Roman Reigns.

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