There were probably fifteen kids sitting in the desks of the room. Mrs. Snider was sitting at her desk, watching them warily. They all looked at me when I came in. Some of them rolled their eyes and turned away, and some stared on in disbelief.

"Nice of you to finally join us Miss Gally." Mrs. Snider sneered. I smiled sarcastically and sat down. It was quiet for a moment. "Since you are new, I will tell you exactly what will happen. You will sit here for an hour being absolutely quiet. I will watch over you all, and if anyone talks, we stay an extra ten minutes." She didn't bother getting up. She just sat there, talking loudly. She kept talking, but I zoned out.

The room was freezing, and still a little dark. She had all of the lights halfway off. Was she trying to make us fall to sleep? With the quiet and darkness, all I needed was some heat then I'd be great! I looked around me, and everyone was staring at me. Someone pointed to the front of the room, and I turned around. Mrs. Snider was standing infront of me.

"Please repeat what I just said." She told me.

"Ummm..." I hesitated.

"Mrs. Snider, it's three! You're going to miss the Nature Channel!" Someone yelled from the back. She gave them a stern look.

"I will be in the teachers lounge. Stay seated, do not move." She practically yelled. She stared everyone down for a moment, then turned to the door. As she pushed it open, she looked at us one time. "I will know." She hissed. Then the door slammed shut.

"Five, four, three, two, one." Someone in the back said. The door reopened, and Mrs. Snider stuck her head in. I smiled to her, and she pulled her head out. The door shut again, and someone started counting again. This time it started from twenty. When they stopped, nothing happened. Two seconds later, Mrs. Snider stuck her head back in. Then she popped it back out.

"Dude, you're getting off." A guy said from the back. I guess it was "safe" because everyone started talking. People moved into little groups, and totally ignored me. Some guys rushed over to me, and crowded around me.

"Hey gorgeous. What did you do?" Some buff guy asked as he sat behind me. I raised my eye brows. I hated when guys called me gorgeous or baby, just stuff like that. I mean seriously. I have a name.

"A) My name is not gorgeous. It's Maddie. B) Why should I tell you?" I crossed my arms across my chest. The guy put his hands up.

"Wow. I've met crack heads nicer than you." He chuckled. "My name is David. I got busted for trying to sell to this kid." David said, pointing to a small brown haired kid next to him. The kid was gangly, with a mop of curly hair.

"Eric." The kid murmured.

"Welcome to the land of misfit toys." David smiled. He was actually pretty cute. "FYI, just so you don't get freaked, I didn't do drugs. That was him." David honestly said. I giggled.

"Sure." I smiled. We were flirting a little, and Eric stood there awkwardly. David kept flirting.

"So, you got a boyfriend?" David asked.

"Umm..." I sat there, not sure how to answer him.

"Even if she didn't she wouldn't date you." A guy said, coming up behind us.

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