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*Lily's  Pov*

"Hey, cow, get your fat butt of our hallways!" A cheerleader yelled at me. Ignoring them as usual, I pulled my hood more down my face, covering all my face. I resist the urge to shift into a wolf and beat the human crap outta them.

"Yeah, Fatty!" Another girl yelled. I was pretty sure her name was Melissa. 

I reached my science class and walked straight in. As usual, my heart tore as I saw Jake, My mate, sitting on Jillian's lap. Our eyes met once, and I could tell that he forced himself to look away from me, and he went all mouth to mouth on Jillian, making my heart rip into tiny pieces. 

Since Mrs. Huckenbur, our science teacher, wasn't here yet, the class decided to pick on me. The only person closest to being my friend is my brother Chad, and he's never usually home.

"God, Lay off the food you freaking fat b!tch!" Jillian yelled at me, flipping me off.

I looked into Jake's eyes, and whispered two words: My mate. Since everyone in this science class right now is a were wolf, Jake stood up and sneered at me.

"Why would I be your mate? Gosh, your so ugly and fat that you don't even deserve to have a mate! The world would be better without fatties like you!" He spat, staring straight through my eyes. Everyone started laughing.

I ran away, out the door and sprinted in full wolf speed towards my house and into my room. I lay on my bed thinkin of why everyone hated me. I did my homework, helped people, donated to charity's, and I never, ever lied.

Why then?

I lay on my bed in the fetal position, holding my face in my hands and cried.

 *Xavier's pov*

"Mom..." I groaned, not wanting to give her pie to our new neighbours.

"Shut up Xavier, we just moved in, and we should tell them that we aren't some freakjobs now you take the strawberry cream pie and take the left house, and i'll take the right house." My mom demanded, almost looking like she was about to shift.

"Yes mommykinz." I replied, smirking, and she answered me with her little wolf eyes.

I knocked on our new neighbour's doors, and no one answered. Being a wolf, I decided I should hear the place out for any signs of life before moving in. Okay, I know, freaky, but I was supposedly raised to be a alpha, and I"ve been taught some weird skills.

I heard a girl crying, and I could smell a strong, delicate scent. It was incredible.

God, now I sound like a girl.

I knocked on the door hard. "Hello?" I yelled loudly, but not too loudly,

"Who is it?" Answered a shaking voice.

"Just your new neighbour." I replied. Almost in a split second, the door opened, and I saw a thing wrapped up with superskinny black jeans, and a huge black sweater with a hood covering her whole face. All I could think of was how freaking long and sexy her legs were.

"Hey" Muttered a shaking voice. I couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed her hood and pulled it off her face. What I saw was the most beautiful girl ever with straight, long black hair and a delicate heart shaped face. Her lips were plump, shiny, and soft looking and her eyes were a beautiful blue with gold flecks. She had the most petite, cute nose, too.

"gahhh..." I muttered, my jaw probably wide open. Her face was slightly red and puffy, but it was probably because she was crying. I could also tell one thing: She was also a wolf.

She glared at me, pulled the hood over her head yet again, and slammed the door on my face.

Feisty, I like it.