part four

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"I'm only human because you made me one. You are the one who flicked that switch inside me off. If you leave me, it's like the world ending. Because you are my world. Promise me you won't ever leave me again. " He whispered in my ear softly with his sexy voice. Gentle but harsh, I gave him a little hit on his arm and jokingly commented,"Stop joking around! I won't get lost away from you anymore okay! Now go get a quick nap! You sound so drunk! But of course, you have to love your fabulous best friend don't you!" He quietly obeyed and went to take a power nap but seemed a bit off.

(Evan's perspective)

"Oh no she mistook that. Is she labeling me as her best friend?? Well, tbh we are best friends! I mean I wouldn't say I love her in that way! Yea, best friends that's what we are. She's so cute when she does this kinda things though. Especially responding to my jokes" I gave a hushed giggle as I fell into my dreamland of back to when we first met.

It was already night time when I woke up. Guess the late lunch at 4pm was quite a bit and a power nap had turned to a nice rest that could well keep me awake for the rest of the night and day. I saw Cassie sleeping right beside me. Apparently she had feel asleep a while after I did and I woke her up as I cooked a packet of instant noodles for the both of us as late night supper. We brought out two bottles of cider and drank and ate as we laughed at almost everything. One bottle after another came the cider. With each bottle, I could feel my head spin as Cassie seemed prettier and prettier in my eyes.

"Hey! When did you get so pretty? Give me your number sweetheart! Maybe I'll get you some drinks someday!" I laughed as I gave her a hug.

"Drunkard! Who's giving you her number! You're not leaving me tonight! We'll be forever together! There's no need for my number!" She giggled and hugged back.

I managed a quick smile before I could no longer think straight. My mind was spinning and all that was on my mind was how beautiful Cassie was. I was mesmerized.
Slowly, I could see her rosy pink lips getting closer and closer to mine as my eyes were glued to hers. I could see the stars in there, they made me feel so calm. I leaned in closer to her. Almost there. I felt a soft sensation on my lips. "Was that her lips?" I thought. I couldn't care more as I blacked out right after that.

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