chapter 5

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a special to all the readers that are actually still interested in this fic thank you so much :* 


Jade's p.o.v 

Like I promised I told no one not even my own mum about drowning . I guess I was just too scared to tell a living soul. Since I feared what they would do. Would they actually kill me this time if I did tell someone ? I don't know and frankly I didn't want to know . But there's one thing I knew for sure Perrie was beating me way harder than before and I didn't even know why I haven't even told anyone anything . Speaking of the devils their coming towards me right now. My hands began to shake as soon as Perrie grabbed my collar her eyes full of hate but I could sense something else but couldn't tell what it was. "Wh...What Perrie?" I stuttered as her lips quirked into smirk happy that she knew she had this affect on me. "Where's my homework?" She whispered bringing her face closer to mine. I began to remember what could've almost happened the other day after I left the locker room a blush creeping up on my cheeks just even thinking that she would almost kiss me. Her blue eyes having me dazed unable to speak as I got mezmorized by her beauty. Her eyes scanning my face I was unable to answer "You didn't do it did you?!" She snapped her voice getting me out of my trance scaring me a bit."Ah ...No I couldn't I was sort of recovering" I said trying really hard for my voice not to break but failed epicly. Perrie didn't even give me any sympathy she just dragged me to the bathroom and punched me right in the face making my nose gush out blood. My face feeling as though I just got hit with a brick. But it didn't stop there she just continued punching me in the gut and then my face again and again until I could barely breath until I was sparled on the floor with blood dripping down my nose and lips praying I didnt have internal bleeding. Every bone in my body feeling as if they shattered. I could barely breath hearing myself wheezing. Perrie kneeled next to me and grabbed my head pulling me up so I was sitting up my body ached as she brought her mouth to my ear "Tell anyone and I will hurt you even more and next time do as I tell you." she threatened. Her hot breath hitting my neck. Her eyes searched my face for an answer but I was too out of breath and barely able to nod. The pain in my chest increasing as Perrie's hand released my head and fell on the floor. My hand on my chest shutting my eyes trying to regain some strength hearing her heels click out of the bathroom. 

"I just want to know what I did to make you fucking hate me so much." I cried. 


When I was finally able to actually stand like a human being I cleaned up all the blood and found out my lip was swollen but luckily my nose stopped bleeding and wasn't hurting me much as before. I raised my shirt looking at the newly found green and purple bruises whimpering as I touched one the pain going through out my whole body again. I pulled my shirt down grabbing my things leaving to class. 


Luckily by 5th hour all the pain in my body died down and just my luck I had to swim again. Mrs. Jefferson not really noticing anything was wrong the other day and yet no really caring to ask me what really happened. But either way I was still going to get into my bathing suit and swim. I sighed walking out of the cubicle and to the bleachers in the pool not even bothering to look at anyone. 


Perrie's p.o.v 

I watched Jade come through the door of the locker room and onto the pool my gaze not leaving her still perfect body even with all the bruises on it. I felt guilt wash over my body just thinking about what I did. I thought I could take out all my feelings by just beating them away hoping they'd leave and that it was just a weird phase thinking that I actually liked Jade. But it didn't. Every time I looked at her I got this fuzzy feeling in the pit if my stomach and just felt the urge to go and kiss her do anything to be close to her anything to just make her want me. Her beauty still mezmorizing me even when all I could see was her backside. But I was going to make her want me. 

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