Chapter 7

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     "Ready to go?" my dad called from downstairs. "Yep! I'm coming," I said.
     I came downstairs wearing a simple gray sweater dress and black flats. My belly wasn't yet showing.
"Looking beautiful, my lady," Dad said. I laughed.  Surprisingly, my dad had seemed more upbeat and happy the last few days. Still, talking about Oliver didn't go well.
    We got into the truck and drove through town, then 5 minutes east of it. We lived 25 minutes west of the town, while Oliver lived only 5 minutes east.
     We finally arrived at their beautiful home. I had been here before, but it seemed even larger this time. We rang the doorbell and Oliver's mom answered. We greeted her and then went inside.
     My dad was nice to Ollie, even though I knew how he really felt about him.
       I had already told Oliver my dad's feelings, but he said it was okay, and that he would gain back his trust.
      We had a delicious dinner, satisfying many of the cravings I had started to develop. After dinner, my dad announced that Oliver and I had something to say. I gulped. I wasn't ready for this.
     Oliver stood up, holding my hand and said, "Mom, dad, I would like to make an announcement on behalf of Allie and I."
He was adorable.
  "We hope you're not disappointed," he continued. Finally he said it. "We're having a baby. Together." Together. I loved how he said that. I knew he would always be there for me. This baby would be equally ours. 
     Oliver's parents were surprised. In fact, they said nothing for what felt like an eternity. "Mr. and Mrs. Frahler, is everything alright?" I asked. Ollie's mom nodded.
     "Yes, yes. I'm shocked that's all. I'm sure you were too." I nodded. "Yes, I was." She and her husband whispered something, then she said, "Frank and I would love to support you both."
     I grinned. "Thank you so much, Mrs. Frahler," I said, relieved. I couldn't believe how nicely they were taking this.
   "Please, call me Anne. After all, you are carrying my first grandchild," she replied. I smiled. Anne would be an amazing grandma.
     For the rest of the evening, we sat by the fireplace and talked about names, what the gender was, and Anne even set up a doctor's appointment for the next day. She said she could take Ollie and I to all the appointments, and I gladly agreed. I would have loved if my mom could have been there with me.
    I fell asleep back at home, wondering if it was a boy or a girl.

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