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      After the encounter with Allison at school I realized that the people who sook up for me were trying to be my friends. But as I was driving home from school my car crashed into someone else's. I got out and looked at the other person in the other car and nobody was there. But as soon as I turned around I was hit on the back of the head with a crowbar.

     " wake up miss yukimura " a faint voice said. As the person shook me awake I saw the person to be a man with brownish blonde hair and glowing eyes that were yellow." Who are you" I ask. " your worst nightmare" " what do you want with me" "you power silly girl you do have power right". " I will give you my power if you tell me who you are" " Theo Raken is my name now give me power" Theo said. "Ok"I say but little does Theo know I will electrocute him with my power. As Theo flicks his hands out a pair of sharp claws come out. As he grabs me I shock him with some volts and passes out.

      Ok I have to get out out of this place. Find an exit a door a window anything. I see a phone and see one phone number " Scott McCall" strange but I called the number anyway. When Scott picked up I was hyperventilating saying "Scott you have to help me this guy named Theo Raken is trying to kill me" " ok I will be right there I will follow the location on the phone to find you" ok" I say. 15 minutes went by and at the sixteen minute mark Theo woke up and Scott was right there, but when I saw Scott he looked different Scott had pointed teeth,  pointed ears, a face shaped like a werewolf, and red glowing eyes. Scott let out a loud roar . Then came Malia looked liked Scott but had blue eyes. Then Liam same as Scott but yellow eyes. Last but no least Lydia came in with a scream so loud it burst the windows out. " holy" I said.

      " Are you ok " Scott asks " I'm fine but what you did back there was amazing" we are here for you now we would like to be friends with you if that's ok" Lydia asks. " that would be great" " what Lydia is trying to say do you want to be part of the pack" Scott asks

That's it for this chapter hope you like it comment what should happen next

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