Chapter 5

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The next day, I confessed to Reyna what Oliver and I had done. She was shocked. I told her not to tell anyone. I didn't tell Hallie, because I knew she would tell everyone. I thought I didn't have anything to worry about, but I was worried. I had trouble concentrating.
"Allie. Allie!" "Wha-what?" I asked, my English teacher staring me down. "What did you put for question 3?" She asked. "Oh, um, I didn't get that one yet," I answered. Ugh, I couldn't concentrate on anything. There's nothing to be worried about, I told myself.

2 weeks later...

I threw up in my bathroom, again. It was the 4th time this week I had thrown up before school. I told Reyna about it, and we both were concerned.
"Allie, I know you don't want to hear this, but I think we should go to CVS today and get a test." "A pregnancy test?" I asked, even though I knew that's what she meant. I couldn't believe she thought I could be having a baby at 16. I nodded. After school, we went to the store and bought 4 tests. I took them home. I wanted to take them at home, with Oliver. I called him when I got home, and he came over.
"What's up?" he asked, casually. "Ollie," I gulped, "Well, I've been sick this week a lot and I went to the store and got some tests, just to make sure I'm not pregnant, and I wanted to take them with you, just in case." I was shaking. "Oh, okay," he replied. I could see he had remembered the night in the barn a couple of weeks ago. We went to my bathroom and I took all 4 tests. We set them out on the counter on some tissues and waited nervously.
"Honey," Oliver said, shaking, "They're done." He was pale looking down at the tests. I walked over to the counter and looked down.


What was happening?

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