The Surgeon and UNDER Mash Up - Part II

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Part Two: The Surgeon and UNDER Mash Up, Part II!

Check out the second installment of The Surgeon and UNDER mash up below! Super geeked to hear what you think about Caden and Tanya meeting! Leave some love in a comment below! <3

Chapter Two:

My legs shake as I take in my new surroundings. The theme park is buzzing with happy families.

Even though the noise is intense, I struggle to focus on anything but the folded map in my hands.

They have no idea what's really going on here... I thought as I recalled the first promise from The Surgeon. It had taken years to accept her offer. Now, even though she was gone, her people had stayed in touch. Urging me to move forward with the surgery. 

I shake my head and move through the crowd. Every step I take toward the meeting place is filled with doubt. 

The surgery will fix everything, I tried to convince myself. I'll never be questioned again.

My fingers brushed against the flowers pinned to my shirt. One last day to be Cadence. One last day to honour my mother.

The choice hadn't been easy, but after my last failed relationship and the killing spree that followed, I knew that I needed to take a drastic step. I needed to have the surgery. I needed to become Caden once and for all.

I checked the map again. Get to the bathroom in the northwest corner of the park, I told myself. They'll take care of you as soon as you get there.

I stop in my tracks. The hair on the back of my neck prickles. I instinctively reach for the gun I keep in my waistband. Shit! It's not there. I had to take it out before coming to the theme park.

I spin around and come face to face with a stranger.

"Why are you staring me?" I growled.

She held up her hands in a surrender position. "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Take it easy."

Is she one of The Surgeon's people? I ask myself.

She smiles at me.

I frown. "Who are you? What's your problem?"

"My name is Tanya," she says. "I'm here to help you."


Stay Tuned for Part THREE of The Surgeon and UNDER Mash Up!

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