She cleared her throats in an attempt to get him to focus his gaze on her, but his eyes were still centered on his hands. Signing, she looked around the room, her heart quickening as she focused on a char near him. 'He can't ignore me forever,' she thought to herself. Smiling smugly, she walked over to him slowly, noticing his hands freeze up as she neared. She could hear his breath cut off as it hitched in his throat as she lightly brushed her fingers across his arm and shoulder, lingering around his neck.

"There's something on your mind, something you want to ask me. I know that you've seen, so tell me-," she came around to his front and pulled a chair forward so it was across from him. She sat in it and she was now sitting within a foot in front of him, her legs pressed against his. "Let me know what's going on inside that bright mind of yours," her hand traced his jawline as she brought it forward from where it had been previously on his neck. Once her finger had slid to his chin, she gripped it and kindly brought his face up so she was looking into his eyes.

"You already know what I want to know, so why not just come out with it yeah?" Merlin's voice was cold, and his face was impassive as he stared at her. She noticed his eyes soften a tad as she released her hold on his chin and sighed, her hand falling into place on her lap. She fidgeted in her chair for a few seconds, contemplating how to begin.

"I didn't know how to tell you I just... With Ana and everything that happened I didn't want to just- just ruin everything between us because I care so much and-" the words just flowed out of her mouth, one after the other.

"No, please I get it. You could just never be seen loving the servant boy, I completely understand Ros really." He interrupted her and the softness in his eyes vanished completely, his voice cracking as he said it. She could feel her chest tighten at what he said, was that really how he felt? Her thoughts went back to the first time they had told each other 'I love you.' She felt the anger immediately begin to rise in her abdomen and for once, she didn't have to conceal it. Her voice was hard as she began to speak.

"Look at what happened to Arthur and Ana. Your sister was nearly hanged when my father found out about them. Do you honestly think I haven't imagined what he would do to you? You are one of the very few people who make me happy in this world Merlin, and my father would gladly take you away from me at the snap of his fingers!" Her voice steadily rose as she continued, her mid flashing with images of all the ways of torture she knew her father to do. She knew that if author ever found out about Merlin, he would do much worse to him than just hanging.

"If you honestly believe that I can't love you then you're obviously delusional because you're the one pushing me away!" She stood up from the chair she had sat in and was now pacing back and forth as hot tears threatened to escape her eyes. "I've been dreading telling you the truth about Prince Dane because god knows that I love you so damn much and hurting you was the last thing I need to do right now!"

"Ros I-"

"No! No, you don't get to speak because if you can just let yourself believe that I don't love you that easily then maybe I should just force myself into this marriage with the prince because at least I'll-" She was immediately interrupted by a hand around her mouth. Shoving Merlin's hand away she finally realized that he had a few unshed tears in his eyes as he looked at her. Her vision was blurry due to the now constant stream of tears that she had been holding in for weeks now.

"Ros. I'll always love you. You haven't left my mind since we agreed to stay away from each other... It hurt so much when Gwen told me about the prince... she had said that the two of you were holding hands as you walked around the kingdom and I just- I couldn't help but feel jealous of him. I will never be able to have that with you- that- that steady and easy going relationship and I-"

She couldn't take it anymore. The sight of him hurt her more than she could ever admit. When was the last time they kissed? She wondered this now as she pulled him closer, connecting their lips and cutting him off mid sentence. Now. Now was the last time they kissed, she thought, smiling as she pulled away from him.

"I just- Merlin you know that I'll have to do something about him. My father has been keeping a hawks eye on me and he has his men follow me nearly everywhere I go. I have to make him happy..." she trailed off, not sure if the point was getting across that she would likely have to marry Dane. Merlin's arms were wrapped around her as he watched her with those blue eyes of his.

"I know you do but, is marrying him necessary?" He whispered, still holding her gaze. She began to trail her hand down his jawline once more, taking in the smoothness of his skin.

"I know that you'll likely stay here, waiting for Ana's return. I know that I couldn't possibly ask you to come with me so I-"

"Is marriage really necessary?" He asked again, interrupting her mid sentence.

"He wants me to fall in love with him. That's why he's here. He wants to take me back to Tamarel so I can be his queen and have his children, Merlin marriage is exactly why he's here. He's determined, and he-"

"Run away with me," He butted out, a sense of urgency to his tone. She just stared blankly at him, reflecting on how it would affect the kingdom.

"The kingdom needs someone to comfort them- since Arthur is gone then that my job and-" she stopped almost immediately. 'But once Arthur returns, she won't have to attend to the citizens any longer. Their prince will be home and I could run away. There's nothing keeping me here anymore, nothing that I care about except Arthur and Merlin.'

"Ros? Roselyn are you alright?" He gently shook her shoulders and she snapped out of her thoughts, smiling from ear to ear.

"Merlin, we could run away together." She stated in an excited whisper. "As soon as Arthur returns we can run. We can run away far away from here and just never turn back. We could find Ana and she could stay with us, so Arthur could have a reason to visit us and we will all be happy and my father wouldn't be after me because he would never even dream of sending out a search party. I could cause a scene at dinner one night and make it seem like Arthur and I hate each other and just get up and leave and-"

"Whoa whoa, slow down. You'd really consider running away with me?"

"Consider? Merlin it's the greatest idea I've ever heard! We could be happy, we could finally be free to be together." He smiled down at her, his grip tightening as she was still in his arms.

"Then lets run away together."

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