I went Clubbing in Hell

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Author's note: This is my first attempt to write a really short story. Hope you guys like it. If you find it too bizarre, you'll have to excuse my over-active imagination. I quite like the theme of the story. Tell me would like me to write a full fledged story on the following theme.

Chapter 1

Madison couldn't sleep. No matter how much she tried she just couldn't. She had spent most of the night turning from one side to other. Her shimmering golden blond hair were now a mess. They usually looked as if they had been spun from gold; that's what everyone at her school said. She was quite popular among her peers and other students. She wasn't spiteful or mean but she was definitely vain about her looks to an extent. Hours and hours were spent by her in front of her vanity mirror as she tended to lovely golden locks, almond shaped hazel eyes and shapely red lips. So, it wouldn't be an exaggeration if one called her vain.

She was a decent girl though. She always volunteered to help people. If there was a new student in class the teacher always picked Madison to show the new student around. New people always excited her especially if it was a hot new boy. She didn't have a boyfriend so she was free to flirt and mingle with boys. The boys were always flattered by Madison's attention as she was an attractive girl.

She wasn't any different from any other sixteen year old teen girl. She experimented with make-up, loved dressing up and enjoyed talking about boys. After all, that's the perfect age to do all those things. She lived her life to it's fullest.

Madison never had a problem with falling asleep before but that night it seemed almost impossible to fall asleep. She thought of calling Mara, her best friend but it was almost midnight. Mara was an early sleeper; she went to bed by nine thirty. Madison knew it wouldn't have been of any use to call her.

She tried to think about Paris as that's where her parents had promised to take her for a vacation during the summer break. She had always wanted to visit Paris. It was such a pretty and romantic place. At least in movies it seemed like that. Her parents were both doctors and loved her dearly. They tried to do everything in their hands to give Madison what she deserved which was nothing but the best. They were a little over protective of their daughter though.

She wasn't allowed to go out alone in the dark. The curfews troubled her sometimes. Like her other friends, she wanted freedom. She craved for an adventure of some sort as all her life she had been sheltered meticulously by her parents. In fact if her parents were accommodating she would have been have been at Carmen Newman's party at that time. Madison was the only junior who had been invited as Carmen was a senior. That gave her parents another reason to forbid her from attending the party. They were certain someone would've spiked their daughter's soft drink with alcohol.

So, that night she lay alone on her bed waiting for sleep to engulf her. She tried not to think about how much fun she would have had if she would've gone for the party.

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