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I see a Poptart package in my hand.
'Shit' I think 'Thor.' "Thor. You're up." I sigh, and walk into the closet. This is going to end well. (Note sarcasm) I sit down on the floor and sigh, again. As I was sitting,  I began to feel sweaty, which is pretty ironic, because of my Ice Powers, which makes me feel cold. My ex, Derek,has been making me feel worthless, which is not true , so its been making me feel depressed. As I was thinking, Thor was looking at me. "What?" I snapped, feeling self-conscious. "I'm sorry ,lady Bethany. You just looked very sad."he replied. "I am." I say plainly, and pause. "And really depressed." I continue. "What does 'depressed' mean?" He asks. "It's where people have been feeling self- doubt." I explain. "Oh. Why have you been feeling this? If you don't mind me asking?"
"My ex boyfriend, he's been telling me that I'm worthless, which I know is not true." I look at my watch, '5 minutes left' I think. "Can I try something?" He asks. "Yeah." I say. "Can you close your eyes?" I nod, and close my eyes. I feel his breath on my face, and then his lips on mine. I'm surprised at first, but then I kiss back, and wrap my arms around his neck. I guess that we were kissing for a long time, because there was knock on the door. We pull a part before Tony opens the door. Tony frowns. Wow, he though we were going to have sex. Bitch. We walk out of the closest, holding hands. I was smiling for the first time in forever.

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