Zayn Malik: Dirty Imagine

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”Would you unzip me please?” You stood with your back facing Zayn – your five months boyfriend – in your beautiful plum dress that kisses your curves perfectly.

“Of course – of course,” Zayn quickly closed the bedroom door and tripped ever so lightly to the other side of the room where you stood put and held your hair with one hand whilst studying your toes a bit shyly.

“I had a great time tonight,” you smiled from ear to ear and looked out the window. The dark had taken over the little you had had of sunlight today, and the rain was now splashing against the windows as the pavements where lit in a dim yellow light from the light poles that was placed in a straight line down the neighbourhood.

“It was a lot of fun,” Zayn chuckled, and you could see him smile in the window as his hands swiftly touched your neck; making shivers erupt your sensitive skin. You smiled as the memory of today’s events came to picture. You had gone out eating with all your best girl friends – having a great time, as always. And after your giggle session Zayn had come and picked you up – earning a lot of whistles from the gossip girls who kept giggling like crazy. They still found it hilarious that you’d managed to stay a virgin, especially with Zayn in your hands. Quite frankly you were amazed by that fact yourself, I mean, look at him!
He took you to a family evening with lots of cakes and delicatessens. You weren’t the biggest fan when it comes to family dinners, but with Zayn’s family there is never a dull moment.

He took a light grip of your dress and unzipped you in a fine move as you held your dress to your front so that it wouldn’t fall.

“Turn around,” you said nervously as you peeked over your shoulder to make sure he did. He didn’t say anything, he just did as you asked; well aware that you’re not the most confident when it comes to your body.

You stripped out off your dress quickly and threw it in a lump on the chair in the nearest corner, and you turned to the edge of your bed where you froze.

“Zayn!” you shrieked. “Hand my clothes back!” you shout at him; trying to cover up your body.

“Babe, I have seen you in a bikini – I’m your boyfriend, you don’t need to cover up,” you look at him pleadingly, still holding your hand out for him to give you your clothes back. Zayn just lets his eyes scan your body and it makes you even more insecure. “You’re beautiful. How many times do I have to tell you that?” He looks rather frustrated as his last sentence slips out, and his eyes turn dark – dangerously dark.

“I’m – I’m…” you trail off, having no good reason what so ever. He’s your boyfriend, there’s no need to be insecure, you tell yourself. “You’re right,” you say eventually, taking a deep breath and let your hands fall down your sides; exposing you shape and personage, only your underwear and bra covering you up. Zayn’s eyes widen in surprise; this is big for you to be.

“So beautiful,” Zayn murmurs and takes a step closer.

“Zayn, please hand me my clothes back,” you ask carefully. Your heart is pounding furiously in your chest as he keeps closing the distance between the two of you. “Please,” you say one last time as you look up at him through your long lashes.

Zayn hands you the clothes and takes yet another step closer. His warm hands find your face, and he cups it perfectly. “Hey, look at me,” Zayn grasps your chin between his thumb and index finger, and you peer up at him through your lashes. “You are beautiful, funny, kind and such a charming girl. I thank God every time I see you that I have you as my girlfriend - you make me feel so lucky – so happy,” he takes a deep sigh and run his fingers through his hair. “And it hurts me to see that you’re not completely comfortable around me, because that’s all I want you to be – I want you to feel safe – I want to make you feel safe.” Zayn looks down at you with sincere and hurt eyes; his lips are set in a grim line as he looks for any sign of repudiation.

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