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I see an army pin. The person I think of.' Steve.' My eyes widen. I've liked Steve the first day I met him." Capsicle. You're up." Tony says. He looks surprised. We got into the closet." 7 minutes!" Tony yells. I can kind of feel Steve's nervousness." Are you ok?" I ask. He just looks at me.
We stare at each other for about 20 seconds, then we couldn't take it any more, we move toward each other, and kiss each other passionately.' I wish this could last forever.' I think. That is ' till a bight light came into the room.' Tony. You had to ruin the moment.' I thought.
"Wow. He did it." Tony says. I glare at him.

Steve's POV

Bethany is so beautiful, sweet,and strong. I love her." Are you ok?" Bethany asks. I just stare at her, and she stares at me. I, and I guess her, couldn't take it. We moved towards each other and kiss passionately. Her lips are so soft. The bright light comes into the room. We pull apart." Wow. He did it." Tony says
'I hate Tony right now.'

So I don't know what item I should use for Thor😯

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