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I was sitting on my couch, until I heard my phone beep. I saw that Gerald sent me a Snapchat. I clicked on it and it showed, (A/N the picture up above⬆) I smiled. It was the first picture he sent me after he went on his seven month tour. I miss him so much. I sent him one back with a filter, I looked like a dog. I giggled and typed in- Miss u ;)
I sent him the Snapchat and after about two minutes he sent me a picture of him smiling- Miss u too babe, see u in six months
I smiled,- Ok sweets, luv u
He sent one back- Luv you too angel face
I blushed and turned on Netflix. I watched (f/m) (fave movie) and afterwards sent way more Snapchats. I looked at his story," I love you G." I whispered to myself. He was about run on stage on his story." Love you baby! I'm going to sing (f/s) (fave song by him)." I smiled and the last video was him singing to the camera. I giggled as I pet the screen as if he was a dog.(A/N tbh that's literally me)
~~six and a half months later~~
I was sitting in bed looking at my phone. My bedroom door flew open to reveal Gerald." I'm back!" He sang. I giggled and ran into his arms," I missed you so so so so so much G!" He smiled and I kissed him passionately." It was boring for seven months only hanging out with me, myself, and I when it was dark out." I looked up at him and laughed," Must've been nice." We both laughed," I missed your jokes!" We both said at the same time.

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