spawsten is born

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"babe?" awsten looked over to his lover. mostly looked down.

"yeah, spongey?" the small yellow sea creature looked down, bashfully. he loved that nickname.

"do- do you wanna come up and take a bath?" spongebob stuttered out. he just wanted to be close to awsten right now.

"yeah, you go up while i finish up on here." awsten said to the sponge while looking at his laptop.

spongebob leapt up and almost ran up the stairs. he looked around and gathered the necessary things. candles, essential oils, and a bath bomb were in his hands. he was wondering if he need the other things.

he had gone online and bought some lube and condoms. 'just in case' said the small voice in the back of spongebob's mind.

"yeah, let's go with that"


'i wonder why spongebob seemed so nervous just now?' awsten asked himself silently.

'i'm sure he's fine.' and with those last thoughts, awsten got up and went to the couple's shared bathroom.

awsten slowly turned the door's handle with a 'click' and was greeted by a surprising view.

he looked around the room, awestruck. there were
tea candles lining the counter and sporadically placed around the bathtub. his lover was already in between the bubbles in the bath, personal parts out of view, much to awsten's disappointment.

spongebob hadn't heard the door open and was just in deep thought. 'i wonder if awsten and i's relationship will last. with him in a band and me being a famous cartoon character, people say we won't work out. mostly patrick. but still' spongebob's thoughts were cut off when he heard something coming into the water he was in.

"so, i see that you're comfortable?" awsten asked seeing as though spongebob had laid his head back and was relaxing when he came in.

"you could say that" spongebob said while pulling his lip between his teeth.

the sexual tension was heating up between the two. it has been since they moved in together.

the duo had made a pact to not have any sexual encounters until they were ready and in love.

"stop doing that. you know i hate it when you do that, babe." awsten almost growled at spongebob.

"i can't stop when i get reminded how hot you are naked, awsie" spongebob whimpered towards his lover.

they were both getting worked up.

when he couldn't take it any longer, awsten leapt up an took spongebob's mouth in his. not seeing it coming, the smaller of the two gasped and awsten saw the opportunity and stuck his tongue in the sponge's mouth.

they both let out a moan, awsten's low and nearing a groan whilst spongebob's was high and broke into whimpers at the end.

the lovers were both so hard and eager for each other.

during the make out session, awsten involuntarily rubbed his dìck on spongebob's and that caused the sponge's hips to buck up earning a loud sequence of moans between the two.

they were ready.


the couple had gotten out of the bathroom and were now naked, lying on their queen sized bed.

"oh god, how perfect you look right now, babe. just writhing underneath me." awsten moaned out. "did you get the stuff ?"

spongebob reached under the bed and got out the things he was looking for, condoms and lube.

"you sure you're ready, spongey?" awsten looked over at the sponge. spongebob frantically nodded at his lover.

and with that, awsten popped open the lid of the small bottle and squirted out some lube on his fingers.

"alright, this might hurt, babe. if it hurts too much, just tell me to stop. okay?" spongebob reached up and kissed awsten in response as he was too worked up to speak.

awsten slowly inserted one finger in spongebob's hole. he felt his lover's rim stretch around the girth of his finger and god was he tight. he couldn't even imagine how good the sponge will feel around him.

spongebob clenched the sheets to release his strain on something. the feeling of having something in your àss isn't the best, but it wasn't extremely uncomfortable. he breathed out and said, "add another."

awsten groaned at those words. "oh, you're so good and eager for me. aren't you?" awsten inserted another digit and waited since this is a bigger stretch.

"o-okay." spongebob stuttered out, feeling so, so pleasured.

awsten slowly started scissoring his fingers. his fingers seemed to have hit a certain bundle of nerves that had spongebob in a mess of whines and moans. "fúck- do that again" spongebob moaned out, breathlessly. awsten followed his commands.

even though he enjoyed his lover being a writhing mess, awsten wanted to be pleasured as well. so, he pulled out his fingers and wiped them on the bedsheets. he would have to wash them later, but he has other things at hand at the moment.

spongebob whimpered at the emptiness and rocked his hips up into the air. "now, now." awsten started. "don't want you to be the only one feeling good, now don't we?"

awsten ripped the small package and took out the condom. he rolled it onto his length and squirted the necessary amount of lube on. he didn't want his sponge of a lover being in pain.

"now, a cóck is different than a couple fingers, okay? again, just tell me when to st-" awsten was cut off as spongebob kissed him and signaled him to get going.

awsten slowly pushed in his length into spongebob's tight little hole. he was breathless already and he was only half in. 'god' he thought 'he's just so tight. so, so tight.'

when awsten finally got in, spongebob was moaning out, "oh my god, awsten. this feels so fùcking good."

the taller of the couple started thrusting. it seemed to be a pattern, in, out, in, out. but, what an incredibly feeling pattern it felt like. and when the sponge swiveled his hips, they both almost lost their minds. it was that good.

after a couple minutes of this repeating, they were both reaching their climax.

"o-oh awsten, im about to come!" spongebob moaned loudly.

"me too, just hold on." awsten said, whilst thrusting in and out of his yellow  partner.

the couple both were sweaty messes after a few thrusts. both of their chests being covered by the milky white substances that they had just released through their climaxes.

awsten pulled out of spongebob before the sponge got too sensitive. they both let out a ragged breath and laid on the bed, staring up at the ceiling.

spongebob turned his head to face awsten and said, "i-i think i love you, awsie."

"i- what?" awsten squawked.

awsten leapt up and ran towards the window while yelling, "i dONT FEEL LOVE, IM A BIRD." and proceeded to jump into the night sky while flapping his arms to keep himself up. he majestically soared out of the broken-hearted yellow sponge's sight.

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