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Dinah fumbles with her dress after she gets out of the car. She's tired, her dress is slightly uncomfortable, a headache is starting to form, and she swears she can feel the driver behind her staring at her ass. Why she agreed to do this is still something that runs through her head, the minute she even put on the dress.

An arm loops through Dinah's, pulling her closer to them. Dinah stops fumbling with her dress and braces herself. "Thank you for doing this, Dinah. I couldn't show up alone," they tell her.

Now Dinah is reminded why she even agreed to do this. Her best friend, Lauren asked her to accompany her to her gallery opening. The flashing of the cameras catch Dinah off guard for a split second but Lauren pulls her away from them and to the entrance of the gallery. "It's no problem, Laur. I wouldn't miss your gallery opening," Dinah tells her as they walk up the steps. "Alot of cameras though. Almost made me blind."

"There won't be any inside. It'll have a calm atmosphere," Lauren explains to Dinah, as the doors are being opened for them and they walk inside.

Dinah is met with a large crowd of people observing pictures, no doubt Lauren's pictures on the walls. Some more ecstatic than others but still nonetheless, enjoying Lauren's pictures. Dinah sees some waiters with trays serving some wine. Dinah will not continue staying here without at least the calming taste of some type of alcohol. She takes a glass from a waiter and sips it.

"Already Dinah? It hasn't even been 5 minutes," Lauren giggles, pulling Dinah towards what looks to be her main piece.

"Nothing wrong with a little alcohol in my system especially with a bunch of old fuddy duddies," Dinah sips her wine, looking around the room. "Better than almost getting shot," Dinah mumbles.

Lauren elbows Dinah's ribs. "Don't say stuff like that, you know how much I hate it."

"I am alive," Dinah proudly raises her glass of wine in the air. "That's what matters the most. Don't worry. No bullet can kill me or lunatic," Dinah takes a large sip of her wine.

Lauren ignores Dinah's rambling. She never really goes out having such a quiet life outside of her work life, which consumes most of her life. Lauren leans more into Dinah. "You are so lucky I love you."

Dinah continues nursing her one glass of wine since Lauren told her from the beginning she is on a limit. It's not like Dinah will become some obnoxious drunk and have no self control. It's not her thing, she just likes to feel the buzz and nothing else. Lauren excused herself from Dinah when a bunch of men in suits asked her about a particular piece that was on the other side of the gallery.

It's definitely not her scene or something she would do on her free time but it's her best friend Lauren, the one person who's been by her side since she was a child.

Someone clears their throat next to Dinah, snapping her out of her thoughts. She turns her head to the side to face whoever did it. Dinah was almost shell shocked when she is met with a beautiful woman. Her flawless, smooth looking skin, radiating under the lowlighting of the gallery. The woman's hair, easily flowing past her shoulders, long and luscious. Dinah lowers her eyes discreetly down the woman's body, noticing her slim waist but to her hips and thick thighs from the tight dress she's wearing.

She is utterly the most gorgeous woman she has seen and she's seen plenty of them.

"This piece is marvelous isn't it," the woman wonders aloud, looking intensely at the large photograph mounted on the wall. "I always admired the photographer's work."

Dinah can't help but stare again at the woman's face. The only marvelous thing in this room is her but Dinah won't dare say that outloud. "Yeah, I've been a fan of Lauren's work for quite some time. Ever since she got ahold of a camera in high school. I knew she was talented ever since," Dinah agrees with the woman.

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