Chapter 40- Titanic

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Chapter 40- Titanic

I follow Dylan through the door of the hotel where the party is being held, my hand in his. My heart is racing, I have the chance to be Dylan's girlfriend.

I look down at my short black dress, I have never worn anything like this before. The sound of people cheering and loud music playing fills my ears. As I look around I see that most people are already drunk here.

The hotel has red carpets with tall walls going up to a chandelier filled roof. The hotel is dimly lit and people are crowded everywhere. It smells of sweat and smoke.

Dylan leads me through the crowds of people and up a set of stairs that look like they're from a castle or The Titanic.

There is a tall bald man standing at the top of the stairs, his hands are crossed over his chest and he has a gun strapped onto his shoulder. "Nobody can come up here." the man states, his face seemingly nonchalant yet terrifying.

"We are here to see Mr. Corlan." Dylan explains to the man. I suck in a breath and my eyes widen. Corlan. Please don't be who I am thinking...

"Names?" the guy says, lifting a machine and pressing a button. "Tell them Dylan Thompson is here to fetch the package for his dad." Dylan explains. The man repeats Dylan's words into the machine and then he steps to the side to let us go past.

"Go down the passage and turn left then follow the second passage down until you get to room number 211. Wait there and Mr. Corlan will be with you shortly."

Dylan nods and wraps his arm around my waist, leading me to the room we are supposed to wait in.

He pushes the door open with ease and we both walk in. I walk to the king sized bed at the one end of the room and sit down on it. Dylan sits beside me causing the bed to dip to the right. I smile at him and then take in my surroundings.

The room looks expensive with cream carpets and a plasma T.V. There is a chandelier hanging from the white roof and there are a few touches of silver to the cream room making it look even more expensive.

Dylan presses his hand against my cheek and makes me face him, "I need you to kiss me." he whispers.

"What?" I scrunch my eyebrows in confusion. I probably didn't hear that right.

Dylan wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me onto him so that I'm straddling him. My eyes widen and my heart starts beating really fast. "There are cameras in this room, they're watching us, you need to kiss me so they believe that you're my girlfriend." Dylan explains in a hushed voice.

"Where is the camera?" I whispers back as Dylan looks up at me.

"Top left. My right." Dylan says and I quickly look up then back down at Dylan.

"I have an idea." I make Dylan lie back and then I lean foward, I push my hair to the side so it blocks my face and Dylan's from the camera.

I wrap one hand behind Dylan's neck and lean as close to his lips as I can without touching him.

Dylan chuckles, "What are you doing." he whispers. "I'm pretending to kiss you. The cameras can't see us but whoever is watching us probably thinks we are kissing now." I explain and look down at Dylan's lips.

"Why don't you just kiss me?" Dylan asks.

I stay silent and look away from his face. "Maya?" Dylan whispers. I sit up and get off Dylan. "Maya?" he repeats reaching towards me.

I stand up before he can touch me, "You already took my first kiss without wanting it! Isn't that enough for you, Dylan?" I ask and look away.

"What are you talking about? That was your first kiss?" Dylan asks, frowning.

I roll my eyes, "Yes, not everyone has people lining up to kiss them Dylan. You took my first kiss. I mean, I was fine with it at first but then you told me that you kiss hundreds of girls all the time and that when you kissed me it didn't mean anything to you and... It hurt." I close my eyes and shake my head.

"I don't even know why I am telling you this, as if you care." I say, faking a laugh.

"Maya, I-" Dylan gets cut off by the sound of the door clicking open. He turns to look at who it is, "Hello Mr. Corlan." Dylan says, bowing slightly.

"I'm Dylan Thompson and this is my girlfriend, Gina." Dylan says reaching out for me.

I turn around and look into the eyes of the man we are supposed to get the package from, "Hi." I say in a whisper.

The man walks into the room and behind him are his two body guards and his son. I stare at his son, my eyes wide.

I would have been able to go on without ever seeing him again and yet here he is, in the flesh. My heart starts pounding extremely hard in my chest. It's as if all my nightmares for the last three years have all come true.

It's him.


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