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Pen Your Pride

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 Chapter Twenty-Nine: I'm Thinking About Jumping Your Bones

 It's definitely unsettling how your entire life can change when you least expect it. I started out my senior year, praying for some reprieve from the continuous cycle of torture that was my life. I had hoped that I would go unnoticed, hidden until I could get the freedom I so badly craved. I had come to accept that the only guy whom I could ever love would never love me back. There was also the fact that my best friend had turned into a person I could never be able to connect with again. My family was a mess; my brother had lost his way hence the year would in no better words-Suck.

Funny how things change right?

I walk languidly down the hallways of my high school, trying to push back the nostalgia that creeps through me. Let's face it; this place hasn't exactly been a haven of joy and happiness for me. In fact the years I've spent here have been downright the worst in my life. My freshman, sophomore and junior years were as painful as pulling off a fingernail. With the exception of meeting my best friends, those years had sucked me into a vortex of what I considered inescapable gloom.

But then everything changed. A smile creeps up on me as the corner of my mouth lifts up as a surge reminiscent happiness courses through me. This year, in these very halls my life changed forever. I found someone who made me love myself, who made me realize that I could choose happiness and who finally, broke through the vortex.

My superhero.

These are the thoughts I mentally play in my head as I walk towards a very familiar sight. Nicole is leaning against her locker, tapping her high heel clad foot restlessly on the ground. She glances at her watch and then looks around. When her gaze lands on me she straightens up and gives me a nod of acknowledgement before starting to walk.

I tug the strap of my backpack higher up my shoulder and hug my notebook to my chest. Following her out to the football field, I try not to bring my personal issues with Nicole to this interview. When I volunteered to be on the yearbook committee, I knew that at some point I'd have a run in with her. Of course I hoped it would never happen but it's me and despite my personal lucky charm called Cole, things like this do tend to happen.

I'm supposed to be interviewing all the captains and co-captains of the various clubs and sports teams the school has. So far it's been good, except for the highly awkward ten minute disaster that happened with Jay.

The man has grabby hands, let me tell you.

Nicole takes a seat high up on the bleachers and I follow. I've prepared a list of questions so this won't be long. Each person barely gets half a page so it's not like I'm writing an expose on the seedy underbelly of science clubs in high schools. That however would be one fantastic piece; those kids can be vicious with their hydrochloric acids.

She sits down and smoothes the creases in her skirt then crosses her legs. In recent years, Nicole has become very 'refined'. She's always impeccably dressed, never a hair out of place even during dance rehearsals. The woman it seems is incapable of sweating or looking ugly for that matter. She's even more tanned now and her dark hair is generously streaked with gold towards the ends. The well fitted cream blouse she's wearing sets off her complexion magnificently. I might hate her but the fact is that she's stunning.

So far none of us have brought up our obviously strained relationship. This is extremely awkward but for the sake of journalism I'll simply have to persevere. Plus there's the fact that today is the beginning of a two week break. When we come back, it'll be a further three weeks till finals and then graduation. Cole told me that he has a surprise for me so the sooner I get done with this the better.

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