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Waking up at 8am on a weekend was usual. The reason was Benny Rodriguez since he insisted on practicing throughout the day. I groaned and put on a tanktop with shorts..some Converse and my snapback. On top of my shirt was Benny's jersey that he gave me. I grabbed my glove and headed downstairs.

"Danielle!! Benny is here!" My mother yells.

I ran to the door as Lizzie tosses me an apple.

"Get em tiger." She winks as I roll my eyes at her.

I opened the door and see Benny smiling. This boy made me weak in the knees. His smile, his eyes, him overall.

"Wow you look better in that jersey than I ever did." He commented and I blush but I hid it.

"Well I'm better than you at everything Benny." I laugh and he glares at me playfully and we head to the sandlot.

Once we got there the whole gang walked toward us.

"Well if it isn't the King and Queen of Baseball." Ham joked.

I just playfully pushed him. But I really didn't mind being called Benny's queen. The rest of the boys laughed at the comment.

"Yeah yeah." Yeah Yeah laughed and nodded in agreement.

"Cmon boys lets just play." Benny announced, getting fidgety.

We all take our places outfield, as it was Benny's day to hit. He hit it directly to me as I caught it and passed to Squints, him to Yeah Yeah and him to DeNunez and we just start over.

This was how we played..never kept score just played over and over again. Benny hit one so high that it went over Squints who was the farthest player. I saw a boy just standing there waiting to be hit.

"Watch out!!!" We all yelled, but the ball just landed straight on him.

The boys laughed, and I kinda did too but not a lot..just a few giggled.

"It's okay! I will get it!" The little boy called.

The boys were all just laughing and saying what a wuss the kid was.

"Throw the ball back!!"

"Hurry up we wanna play!!"

They yelled and were pressuring the poor kid.

I was kinda bored and didn't want to wait in the sun. I just ran a hair through my dirty blonde hair as I stared at Benny who looked irritated as well.

Benny went over to me, "It's that neighbour isn't it?"

"Yup." I nodded.

The boy was just sad, he was positioning to throw like who does that? Throwing should just be natural.

He threw it but it only went like 2 centimetres from him. The boys were all laughing and on the floor. He looked so upset.

"Aye!! Knock it off..doofuses!!" I yell at the boys, they did but they still kept laughing.

"Aw cmon Dani! Did you see that?" Ham asks. cracking up.

The kid ran away and I felt really bad. I just rolled my eyes at the guys, they can be a couple of idiots sometimes. I looked at Benny who had that face.

"Whatcha thinking about Rodriguez?" I ask.

"Maybe we should teach him how to play."

The Next Day.....
I was walking with Benny as usual on our way to the sandlot.

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