The Library of Eternity

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Greetings, friend.

Have you ever had a deep desire to satisfy your boundless curiosity? Your infinite lust and longing for knowledge, answers, fulfilment. It is a restless feeling, to be kept in the unknown, with a void that so desperately longs for filling, for it is that search for truth that has led humans from their ancestral caverns into their modern skyscrapers. It will be that exact same craving that will push humans from skyscrapers into interstellar satellites and extraterrestrial homes. It is amazing, that knowledge, mere facts or concepts that exist merely as neural networks throughout one's nervous system, could result in something as intricate and complex as civilization. Knowledge also holds the power to destroy everything it has built, including its very own existence.

Let me tell you of a place where anything you have ever wondered or questioned will be satisfied and fulfilled. It is a mystical place that only few will ever have access to. Yet, visiting this place has a cost, for those who visit this place will be condemned to remain there forever, as any traces of their existence are completely erased from the physical world. Perhaps in your childhood or your early adulthood, you may have had a best friend or a girlfriend. Of course, you do not remember such a person, for they have chosen to visit that magical place, and had given up their existence to satisfy their lust for answers. Men and women you have met, who claim to have chosen to remain single, or old couples, who claim to have chosen to not have children, may very well once have had a spouse or a son or daughter. Their existence, just like those of your lost friend or girlfriend, were sacrificed for knowledge. Perhaps you are frightened of being erased. I have given you all the conditions of entry, and I have offered you the tradeoff. If you are willing to make that sacrifice, I will reveal to you how to enter this place. Yet, if you still care for anyone on the planet, or if you have a love waiting for you, or if you simply aren't willing to make the sacrifice, I will show you how to avoid entry.

One night, you will have a dream. The dream may happen on any night, but it most likely happen on a night when you feel very strongly that desire for knowledge. You will open your eyes and see yourself lying on a warm floor wrapped in blankets. If you look around, you will see yourself in the center of a room with walls made of stone, with a wooden door on one of the sides. The room will be lit with four torches, one on each wall. You are free to get up and explore your surroundings. Do not worry, for you will be in no danger. The walls, torches and door are indestructible and stable, and the flames of the torches will only tingle you with warmth. Nobody, not even I, know what lies beyond the stone wall. Perhaps it is an empty void, or perhaps it is pure chaos. If at any time, you wish to leave this place, you need only wrap yourself back up in the blankets. You will immediately feel drowsy and fall asleep, and then awaken the very next day, with no memory of your dream. Yet, know that should you leave, you will never be able to return.

Should you be curious, you would explore the room a bit before wandering through those wooden doors. You will enter a room that resembles a small office. A single dim lamp hangs from the ceiling, illuminating the whole room. Beside you will be one chair, and in front of you will be a desk. On the desk, you will see memorabilia from countless years past, and countless years in the future. The objects will vary from person to person. You may see artifacts such as an ancient tool used by primordial human beings, coins bearing the face of Charlemagne, the quill used to sign the Declaration of Independence, as well as many future objects, such as a quantum computer chip, hologram projectors, or even pieces of a time machine. Behind the desk you will see a large shelf with dozens of books sitting there side by side. You will be unable to distinguish the titles of the books nor the words within those books. But to reach over and grab a book, or to look close, would be a rather inconvenient task, for sitting behind the desk is a man wearing a trench coat and a hat that covers his face.

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