"but Devin there's one more thing... I'm pregnant"

"You're what!?" He exclaimed "I'm pregnant Dev and you're the father" I groaned "I knocked up my bestfriend!?" He said still shocked "yes... But I understand if you don't want nothing to do with me or the baby" I croaked as tears ran down my face He looked over at me confused "why would I do that " he cooed "Because this will mess up your career and this is your first season you know the some of the staff for the Suns already hate me and this is giving them another reason to. I know the last thing you want is to baby especially by me I'm ugly " I cried " hey... you are not ugly an I never want to hear you say that ever again... You understand" he said sternly I shook my head why would he say that he's not attracted me but I'm attracted to him "and I don't care about what the team and staff think I don't care.... "But Dev!!! We're not even together and you'd probably never want to be with me anyways this is wrong " I yelled "Dee what if I told you that I'm madly in love with you but I was scared to tell you and the only way I could actually show you was when we were drunk we may have been wasted but I felt something that night with you... I made love to you"he screamed "you're in love with me?" I said sniffling but in shock "yes babe" he said lifting my chin "and Imma take care of our baby hopefully we can raise him together?" He asked "are you asking me to be your girlfriend?" I questioned "yes live what do you say?" His bright smile melting me "yes ...."I cooed "yay!!! I got the love of my life and I'm gonna be a father all in one day!!! Oh we got to go baby shopping I got to buy my boy some clothes..." " how you know it's a boy" I copped an attitude "trust me I know " he chuckled "whatever Daddy" I said as I pecked his lips he looked me deep in the eyes "hey we're in this together... all three of us"

To be cont... MAYBE


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