Recap: You don't want the baby?" She asked concerned "it's not that it's just I'm only 18 and I don't wanna ruin Devin's career he's just getting started how am I gone tell Him" I groaned "tell me what?" My head turned towards the door to see my bestfriend and the father of my unborn child.... Devin Booker


"Uhh...I thinks it's time for me to go" Ci said while picking up her purse and rushing to the door "see later Dee" she said closing the door behind "is this about the party?" Devin asked "yea & it's more than that too" I patted the couch for him to come sit " listen Dee about the party we were drunk and things happen I feel like I took advantage of you...I hope this doesn't end our friendship" he sighed oohh that word Friendship hurts because I've liked Devin for a long time but why would he want a girl like me.He's in the NBA for crying sakes he could have a model and look at me I have full brown eyes with tan brown skin and a big puff ball on the top of my head and my thighs rub together and a big butt (a/n I just described myself) "I hope it doesn't either but..." "and I know you were kinda a virgin and I hate that I took the last part of your innocence away and I feel so stupid" he said cutting me off and burying his face into his hands "I ruined it I know I shouldn't of let you drink that much I should of been a better friend and look what I've done" he groaned " Devin calm down its okay... We can't go back and change this it's done" I tried soothing him "yea I guess you're right" he mumbled "but Dev. there's one more thing... I'm pregnant"


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