Sexting with Tucker Max: Mean

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This may come as a shock to some of you, but I have a slightly volatile personality. I don’t suffer fools well. And when I’m in a bad mood, I suffer stupid whores looking to sext even worse. It’s not like I want to sext when I’m in a good mood. You really think it’s going to be sunshine and kittens when I’m pissed off? The girls who persistently annoy me to sext with them find out.


Girl #1 "tucker max, uv meet yur match!!"

Tucker "Not at spelling"

Girl #1 "haha looser"

Tucker "sorry I cant sext with you, I don’t speak Stupid"

Girl #1 "im not stupdi!!"

Girl #1 "*stupid"

Tucker "people like you make me understand why domestic violence occurs"

Girl #1 "gtfo ur gunna fuck me"

Girl #1 "hello"

Girl #1 "4 realz?"


Girl #2 "are u thinkin bout fucking me"

Tucker "Im gonna fuck you til your pussy grunts."

Tucker "Imma make it say UGGGGNNNNN like Master P"

Girl #2 "lol"

Girl #2 "thats what i like to hear"

Girl #2 "i like it hard"

Tucker "Im want to blast out your teeth with my love cannon"

Girl #2 "lol"

Girl #2 "I wanna go down on u first"

Tucker "My penis is about to become a huge part of your mouth’s life"

Girl #2 "I immediately take your whole cock in my mouth"

Girl #2 "My head goes up and down on your dick, flicking my tongue over it, savoring every inch"

Tucker "Why can’t you keep your teeth off my dick? I’ve never sucked dick, but it can’t be that hard"

Girl #2 "Im giving you a perfect blowjob"

Girl #2 "no teeth perfect"

Tucker "I’ve eaten popsicles before, and I managed to keep my teeth off those"

Girl #2 "im not using teeth"

Girl #2 "then tell me the right way to do it asshole"

Tucker "This blowjob sucks. Where did you learn to give head? The Paris Hilton sex tape?"

Girl #2 "are you criticizing my sexting blowjobn??? this doesnt make sense!!!"

Tucker "I’m going to have to talk to your family about this."

Girl #2 "my family?"

Tucker "Your uncle told me you gave good head thats why I agreed to sext with you"

Girl #2 "WHAT IS GOING ON???"

Tucker "Look, your dog has his penis out"

Tucker "at least you turn someone on"



Girl #3 "lez sext"

Girl #3 "lol"

Tucker "I’d rather shit a knife"

Girl #3 "idk y u wnt sext w me"

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