how to annoy jeff the killer

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1. When he is in the bath take his towl and soak it in olive oil and say when he comes out " your oily today " then LEG IT 

2. When he comes and says  "go to sleep" say "nah " and shuv the pellow in his face and... LEG IT 

3. hide is knife and clothes and blame it on Ben Drownded 

4. when he is finished Drownding ben tell him ben said there in the PINK room and shuv him in there and lock the door 

5. if u have survived tell him to go for a bath and fill his fhampoo with glitter and pva glue so when he uses it the glitter and glue will stain his hair glitter color 

6. tell any girl in the stre3eet that he wantz his hair dyed pirple 

7. when he awakes tell him " oh u have dyed your hair haha " and RUN 

8. put a pic of him naked on the web page of the internet so when he sees it he will be imbarised

9. put a fake dummi of a girl in his bed  what lookes like the girl he loves 

10. say when he is hugging it " ITS FAKE " THEN RUN


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