Chapter 6

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"Emily!" Jack exclaimed hugging me.

"Hey Jack. Why are you so happy?" I mumbled as he let me go

"Because Amanda is so amazing. She's let me mark her!" He said and I smiled and nodded

"That's good. Do you want some?" I asked cutting an apple

"No! Amanda is asleep now. And I was thinking of taking her out on a date today" Jack said and I nodded

"Okay" I mumbled taking a bite from the Apple

"I'll be back" Jack said and I nodded as he walked out of the kitchen.

He looks happy Ava said and I nodded

He is I replied back as dad walked into the kitchen.

"Dad. Oli told me about this alpha tittle thing on Friday. Do I have to come?" I asked and dad smiled and nodded

"Yes. You have to. It's for your brother and I'm hoping you can find your mate. I know you really want a mate Emily so I thought why not find you one." He sighed "I know we just got you back, and I don't want to send you away but hopefully you will be able to stay with us for longer" dad said and I nodded

"So if I find my mate, do I have to leave? And go with him home? But what about Jack? He has to come with me" I mumbled dad shook his head sitting infront of me.

"Emily, Jack has found his mate. And she's from this pack. And as he doesn't have a pack, he has to stay here. With his mate. Don't worry Emily. Your mate will be able to look after you. If he can't, I'll kill him" dad smirked and I nodded

"I don't like to see people getting killed. Cameron used to do it a lot" I mumbled and dad growled

"Cameron. I have sent people looking for him. Do you know where you were?" He asked and I shook my head

"I don't know dad. I wasn't allowed to leave the house. All I know is that it's surrounded with a forest" I said and dad nodded

"Okay. How about you show me your powers? I want to see every power you have, because I have never seen someone with these amazing powers. And you said, that Cameron always felt stronger when he drank your blood right?" He asked and I nodded

"So is it okay if I take a drop of you blood to taste? And to take a test on it. You're my daughter Emily, but not my real daughter. I don't know anything about your parents or which family you were from. I asked cherry if she knew anything but she didn't." Dad told me and I nodded

"Cameron said when he takes my blood he can't stop drinking it" I said and dad nodded

"Don't worry princess. I'll call Susan to take a drop of it, and I'll have cherry with me. I won't harm you. I promise" dad smiled standing up and I nodded

"Okay." I mumbled and dad told me to follow him. We went to dad's office and I sat down on the sofa as dad walked out the room. After a couple of minutes dad came back with an old lady and mom.

"Shall I start alpha?" The old lady asked and dad nodded

"Do you want to do this Emily?" Dad asked and I nodded

"Susan" dad nodded and the old lady, named Susan walked towards me.

"So I'll only inject this into you and take a little bit of your blood. Okay?" She said showing me an injection.

I lifted my arm up and she injected it in my arm. She pulled it back out with blood inside.

"I'll just clea-wow" she muttered confused as there was no mark or blood left my arm.

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