The calm

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    I started to wake up and when I came to I was in bed, but all wet and soggy."gross" I thought to myself. So I took a shower and when I got out of the shower I went downstairs to see if my parents were home at all in fact my parents weren't even there Scott was there. "What are you doing here, aren't you supposed be worrying about someone else besides me" "you almost drowned in water"Scott said. "True but you pulled me out of the water and your not wet"true but I had  some help from someone"he said. "From who?" I ask. A man walks out he has blue eyes and brownish blonde hair. He looks like someone out of a superman movie. "My name is Liam" he said. "So you dragged me out of the water" I asked. Wow here I go again messing new relationships, but I didn't think Liam was cute. He was a nice guy he saved my life. But who I like was going to be a mystery to them but not to me. I always liked Scott he was a king person stand up for what he believes in. But never a guy like that would like such a girl like me not after what I did. Sure enough Scott had a girlfriend named Allison. But when I met Allison she was very rude and disrespectful. She shoved me out of the way at school the other day but maybe she is really nice. When Scott and Liam left I took a nap my dreams were always frightening to me so when I wake up from these dreams, I wake up hyperventilating.  No worries though right.  as time went by the power inside me would not stop. This time I thought I was gonna kill someone. All this anger built up inside me was making me very cranky and rude. But my instinct was don't let it free so I didn't and soon enough the anger and rage went to atomic bomb. I started to bleed from my nose and ears. One day in class I sneezed and blood went everywhere. Coughing , sneezing , we're all the things that made me bleed. When I got home from school my eyes were glowing orange , I blinked but nothing happened so I started to cry which made the situation much worse the power went out, the house started to shake, the I broke free when I opened my eyes everything was on fire. My parents weren't home so I went for the door but everything was on fire .  my phone was in my pocket but it was dead so I screamed and yelled for help then the smoke got to me and I passed out. Glimpses of people were in my house firefighters,  police officers and my neighbors." Get her on the gurney!" One of them commanded.

Sorry for the short chapter but tell me what you think should happen next and I'll make it happen until next time.

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