The Runaway Brat

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“Honey? Are you sure you don’t want to come?” asked my mom in her usual high-pitched, fake voice.

“No ma” I said stuffing the cereal in my mouth so that I wouldn’t laugh at her ridiculous outfit.

She was wearing a Ghagra which showed her flabby belly and her cleavage. She was wearing huge feathery ear-rings and if anyone ever sold the jewellery that she was wearing, they would not doubt turn into millionaires.

I saw my mother leave through the door, get into her BMW and drive off to her best friend’s third wedding.

I knew she didn’t want me to come along, not that I wanted to be seen with someone as ridiculous as her and anyways I had other plans. I had planned to run away.

It’s a perfect setting. My dad’s out of town, my mom’s gone out and won’t be back till midnight and I have no siblings either.

I finished the rest of my cereal and dumped the bowl in the sink, not bothering to wash it.

I raced up the stairs, into my room and pulled out my small red suitcase. I had put in everything that I would need- toiletries, a few shirts and pants, a hair brush, my ipod and its  charger and of course my journal.

I changed into an outfit that would suit travelling- A white shirt, Khaki three-fourths, my watch, my sneakers and a black leather jacket into which I put my cell phone.

I placed the suitcase near the entrance door and ran into my parent’s room to get my passport, visa, debit card and enough cash to get me out of this country. I wasn’t planning on using the debit card if in case it was used to track me down.

I took my suitcase out of the house and moved towards my Volkswagen Beetle when I remembered that I forgot my car keys. So I ran back inside and shuffled through the drawers till I found my car keys.

“Your passport please?” said the woman sitting behind the glass with a hole through which I gave her my passport. She checked it and gave it back to me.

Thirty minutes later I was sitting in the flight and fiddling with my watch which was given to me by my dad last year on my eighteenth birthday, wondering if running away from Los Angeles to India was a good idea after all.

I received a text from Imran, my best friend, saying ‘Kareena where are you?? I have been ringing your door bell for the past ten minutes. I thought you said you were not going out with your mom.’

“Kindly switch off all devices, we will be taking off shortly” said the unknown woman through speakers I could not see.

I thought about whether I should text him back and decided that I should. He was the only who deserved to know about what I was upto.

So I texted back saying ‘I am running away Imran and you can’t stop me coz I am already off’

Just before I could switch off my cell phone I received a text from him that said ‘I love you’ but I switched it off without replying and saw the flight leave ground and venture into the clouds.


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