First day

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I'm here at the hall way and suddenly I spotted my crush and he was with his friends . I just ignore him first cause its just first day of school and I need to passed my subjects before him. I walk until I arrived at class. It's was a private classroom because only SNSD are here. But the school doesn't know that I'm rich yet except for the principal because my dad is the owner of the highest and riches company. I enter and all of them greet me. Suddenly Jessica said "well well look who's here it's the under cover girl" I laugh and take my seat. The teacher arrive and all of us greeted. He smiled and said "ok class please take your seat I will announce something " all of us come down and teacher continue "you're going to share this private classroom with group of boys" all of them gasp and Sunny ask "who are they ??" The teacher continued "EXO" all of us widen our eyes and Hyoyeon and Jessica said "$hi+" and Tiffany and Yuri said "Fuc|{" they curse and I just gasp the teacher said "so I hope you get along ok get inside boys" and Seohyun yelled "NOW" all. Of them curse under their breath and I just gasp again . They all enter and teacher said "ok introduce you're selves " they started introducing their selves and what do you know . The guy that I wanted to ignore is right on my back. But Jessica and Tiffany are still on my side . The lesson started and it was boring since it was already discussed last year . Finally the bell rang and it means break time. I was the first one who went to the canteen followed by the members . The girls and boys started screaming over my members except me . And we went to our table . I went to take a sandwich and eat suddenly the boys came and I excuse my self to go to the CR. When I arrive there i washed my hands and group of three girls enter . And it was Hyuna,Mina and Sojin . They went near me and Hyuna said "look the nerds here" I rolled my eyes and I said "what do you want ??" And Mina spoke "stay away from SNSD and EXO because you don't belong with them " I remain silent and after a minute I ask "why...why would I??" They smirk and the three of them slap me And sojin said "You're not that worth it" and walk away I sigh and covered my redden cheeks with make up . I decide to go to the classroom. On my way there i saw Baekhyun with Hyomin flirting with each other I didn't mind and just continue walking. At first sight I know that Baekhyun was a playboy but it wasn't like I love him I just had a crush on him . I went to the classroom and make my way to my chair. I rest my head to the desk and stared at the window . Sojins word keep on repeating on my mind "YOU'RE NOT THAT WORTH IT " I sigh and suddenly the door opened and it reveals SNSD I sigh and just continue napping . Suddenly Sooyoung ask me "are you ok ?? Why didn't you went back to the canteen ??" I smiled faintly and said "it's just my head doesn't feel good" she nod and said "ok take care" I saw the three fly near the door picking . I ignore them and continue what I was doing.

In the middle of the discussion the teacher ask "what makes them light up ??" I raised my hand and said "Electricity" the teacher nod and said "that's right" and started discussing over again.

Finally the bell rang . I fixed my things and went out of the class . Suddenly someone pulled me in the corner . I was struggling and when I saw who the person was I wasn't shocked . It was Byun Baekhyun . I gasp and said "what do you want??" He rub his nape and said "I tell you .....something" I waited and signal him to continued "I like you be my girlfriend " I was shock and speechless "fuc|{" I curse in my mind and I said "Baekhyun I ........" I didn't know what to say and I just continue "will accept that" he smiled and said "really thank I don't know what to do can we hangout today on your house to do some study" I nod and smile.

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