Chapter 10 √.....

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this is for my one of my fave writers here on wattpad

I heard screaming out oh my head I knew why I have fainted. You see I'm bulimic . I didn't just loss wight because of Josh . Me being Stubborn I had to fine a way to be skinny since I felt bad I was waisting Joshes time of sining lessons. It has become something I can not control anymore, even tho many tell me that I am flawless or perfect I can't help but some times feel so bad about myself .

When my dad found out he had freaked out saying I could of died if I didn't start my treatment when I did tho after Halley started I gotten worse and more with those stupid dreams of how Seth had once left me for Amber. Point being after that dad put people to which me twenty-four seven but the thing is I still do it I just can't stop it like I said . When I do it I feel stronger, and feel like no one can say I'm fat.

After a few minute of screaming I heard Seth repeating the samething over and over. At times like this I wonder why haven't I passed away yet I bin damaging my body so badly and yet nothing this is as bad as I'll get to near life and death.

"I'm not loosing you too" Seth kept on repeating over and over tho I wonder who had he lost. I smile in my head at how sweet and loving he is a times then after a while I felt pinches on my arm.

" Mom look tell Jessica I'm sorry about MarryBella but I'm moving on ok I don't need her blaming me for her death and she can say what ever she wants but I'll make sure it doesn't spread" Seth said sadly tho with a pinch of anger disappointment torce himself and shame.

Slowly I began to feel the ability to open my eyes again. There in front of me was Seth he looked at me and saw I was awake, a small angelic smile crept over his perfect red pinkish lips.

" Hey your awake the doctor said you can come home once you woke up and got checked" I nod then try to recover my voice.

" Who's MarryBella and Jessica?" I ask a bit squeaky and husky but not in the sexy way Seth dose it or Josh .

" No one you know or should know" he said and put his phone away slowly obviously hiding something extremely important as he look like he could sweat buckets of water. Tho I decided not o push it as he had the right to his privacy as I did to tho I couldn't help but feel hurt. Nodding I looked away disappointment rolling Office frontal me at fue fact that he didn't trust me.


" Hey don't be mad at me love" turning my head again madly I look at the tv . As I was about to grab my iPhone 5 Seth turn me to look at him.

"Look it not that I don't trust you it's just that it kinda persona and I want to forget about it " I nod and hugged him. I felt guilty that I made him remember something he didn't want to remember .

" Hey Skyler how are you doing" Danny said as he walked in. He came with us to LA but he whent with his dad and that why I haven't seen him.

" Hey Ace come on you can come in here" Danny yelled threw out the door. Ace came in with her blonde hair up in a ponytail and had a plaid long sleeve shirt that was black and white and some dark gray skinny jeans.

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