Chapter One Hundred Forty One

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Anora slipped away from the chaos as she and Charlie were bombarded with questions regarding the pregnancy. She plopped down on the sofa and looked over to Sirius and Nixie.

"I like your jumper. Really shows off your Christmas spirit." she smirked at Sirius who wore a light up Christmas jumper. While Sirius did not share in the amusement, Nixie seemed to enjoy his suffering as she smiled.

"I think it looks cute!" Nixie said resting her head on Sirius' shoulder.

"If you find them so cute, then why aren't you wearing one?" Sirius countered looking down at his wife.

"Because it looks so much better on you." she grinned before looking to Anora."So how does it feel? I'm sure you and Charlie are just absolutely thrilled."

Anora nodded. "I'll admit, I was pretty scared at first but so far, it's been great. Besides the morning sickness and not being able to stomach some of my favorite foods..."

"Oh that should all pass in due time...what was it that Lily couldn't find herself eating when she was pregnant with Harry?" Nixie asked Sirius.

"I believe it was chicken." Sirius said. "Yeah, it was chicken, remember it was that seasoned chicken James made...vomited it everywhere.

"Mine is...pasta." Anora whispered the name of the cursed food that made her nauseous.

The couple smiled at her.

"But's its getting better." Anora reassured them. "As long I have body is craving it all the time."

Sirius and Nixie scooted away from her playfully.

"So what do you think you're having? Boy, girl...or..." Sirius grinned.

"At this rate, I'm pretty sure everyone is counting on me having a dragon."

"Well, who better to raise a dragon than you two?" Nixie told her.

Anora was hoping to have a relaxing evening at the Burrow, however, apparently, she and Charlie were not the last to arrive to the Burrow. Percy arrived to the family home, but he wasn't alone as he accompanied Rufus Scrimgeour, the newest Minister of Magic. Apparently, Fudge had been chased out of the office once it become more than obvious that the Dark Lord had indeed returned and there was no way he could cover it up any longer.

While Scrimgeour asked to speak with Harry in private, Anora made her way to Charlie as the Weasley family stood awkwardly with Percy around them. Since Percy had taken up the job with the Ministry he had completely turned his back to his family, siding with the Ministry's word before his own blood. Anora had seen Percy grow up and while the boy had always been a bit of a prig, she never expected him to turn out that way.

When the family discovered the true intentions of his arrival with Scrimgeour, wanting Harry to be the face of the Ministry, Fred, George and Ginny proceeded to throw mashed parsnips at him until he and Scrimgeour departed from the Burrow.

"Well, that went well." Anora muttered to Charlie.

Charlie had a frown on his face as he saw how upset his parents were, especially his mother.

"I don't know what's gotten into Percy, he's never been this bad."

"These are crazy times, Charles." Anora told him, leaning against his arm.  "He'll come around hopefully. If not...we could always bring Sultan-"

"Anora, we're not sicking a dragon on Percy...especially Sultan-"

"What about Birdie?"

"That's the female version of Sultan! No wait...I take that back, you're the female version of Sultan."

She laughed. "I take that as a compliment, you know?"

"Of course you do."

A little while later on, Tonks had Charlie and Anora sit by her in front of the roaring fire as they went over the pregnancy.

"I just can't believe it." Tonks said almost becoming teary eyed. "It just seems like yesterday I was trying to convince you two gits to just admit that you would work amazing as a couple and now look at you...engaged and about to start your own family."

"Oh Tonks, don't cry." Anora said rubbing her friend's shoulder. "Because if you start crying, you'll get Charles all kinds of worked up."

"Yeah, I will- hey!" Charlie looked at the two women before the three of them laughed.

Tonks suddenly pressed her hand against Anora's stomach.

"Hello in there future niece or nephew and I'm your Auntie Tonks and we're going to have so much fun when you arrive. We're going to get into so much trouble and not tell your parents....well we'll tell your mum, but not your father. She'll be better at understanding...hell she might be with us causing the trouble..."

Charlie made a face while Anora laughed shaking her head.

"Oh I think I felt a kick of agreement!" Tonks said.

"You can't feel anything right now, I'm not even showing!"

"I know, I know!" Tonks replied. "I'm just excited, leave me be!"

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