you woke up next to that familliar face that you see every morning. harrys face. his green eyes look into yours like he knew everything about you, almost like he knows all the bad things you had done in the past... his cute dimples when he smiles, his curly hair that would always bounce back into place when you pulled a strand of hair. and finally his adorable laugh that makes you happy every time you hear it!

" hey there beautiful" he says in a sexy husky voice.

"you okay?" he asks just like normal when you wake up.

"yeah fine, just remembered that ive gotta go down the shop get some bread and milk. arghhh!" you say a little dissapointed hoping harry would say something cute just to make you stay, but he didnt, he just sat there quietly.

harry got a text. he looked at you then to his phone and began to read the text that he had just got from someone... he was smiling so big at the screen of his phone that his dimples got deeper the wider he smiled.

you began to get a little jelouse because you kinda wish he would be like that reading your texts that you send to him... harry was acting a little different lately but as usually you just recon it is just from tour, as he has only just came home a week ago.

you just gave him a death stare while he was still there smiling at the screen.

you jumped of the bed and tried to be a little moody hoping he would notice, but again, like normal, he doesnt. you got dressed, did your hair and make-up, then went to the shop.

you walked to the shop giving harry a little more space to talk to the person he was texting back.

you were gone for about 40 mins because there was a huge que and you got more things than you wanted in the first place!

* coming back into the drive way*

the curtains were still shut, you were hoping harry would of opened then just so the he could see your face, but again, like normal, he didnt do that niether.

you quietly shut the door behind you... you could hear harry and a familliar girl laughing together in the living room!

you opened the door when all the sudden you saw harry kissing the bitch that you hate! she used to bully you at school.

harry quickly looked at you twice then got up off of her. she had no top on but only her bra, and harry had his jeans still on but no shirt.

tears were streaming down your face, you dropped the bag and ran to the door while loudly letting out sobs from what you have just seen.

"y/n wait!!!" harry says in a way that made you wanna beat the shit out of him and the girl.

"fuck off!" you say back in a bitchy tone.

"plea-" he says before you cut him off.

" oh just do me a favour harry and just fuck off will lila! you cheated on me, how do you think i am going to react!" you say in a angry tone while trying to get your breath back from all of the running.

a lode of tears rolled down his face like he was really sorry, seeing him like this broke your heart even more!... but you still didnt fall for it though. you started jogging again, and harry followed.

"oh my god! just go away!" you say while facing him getting more and more angry by the minute and harry could tell.

" no p-please j-just listen she came o-on to me and then when you came through the door she flipped me over so i was on top of her, please y/n, im begging you dont leave me!" his voice was shaky and his voice was getting chocked up from his sobs that he loudly let out.

so w-who were you texting then?" you say wanting to hear more of the story but were still angry at him.

"that was niall, he was asking me if we wanted to go to nandos with him and the guys." he says, his voice still begging for forgiveness.

" and i was smiling so big because i knew that niall is totally in love with nandos, but i said we carnt because i was going to suprise you tonight to dinner... but i guess i will have to cancell it because you dont love me anymore" he says while more tears are rolling down his face and his head facing the ground while turning around to walk off.

" i never said i didnt love you anymore" you say a bit more happy, because he went through all of that effort to make plans to take you to a resturaunt. you still loved him, even though he did mess up a little.

he automatically stopped in his tracks when he heard those words come out of you mouth.

he turned his whole body to face you and leaped at you with a kiss, it was so passionate, it felt like the very first time you kissed him, it was a little fessy but it was perfect in every single way possible.

he broke a way to say something.

"so you still love me then?" he askes cheekily.

you nod while he smiles leaning forwards to have another passionate kiss that you will always remember forever!







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