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Picture: Young AJ as young Keira Knightley

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The Ruthless Alpha Female

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Thirteen-year-old AJ looks out of the balcony. The view of the sunset was amazing from her room. The sudden shrill cry of a baby startled her and she quickly jogged back into her bedroom to see her baby brother wide awake. She quickly picked him up in her arms and paced slowly singing 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'. Her voice which was normally firm and commanding turned soft and soothing.

When her lullaby didn't quieten down her brother, she resorted to talking to him in whispers hoping that maybe today he will fall asleep peacefully and not by crying his heart out until exhaustion seeps in and he's too tired to make a noise.

"Sshh baby. Please don't cry. I've got you. Please." AJ pleads her brother in a soft voice. But still, her brother's cries don't stop. She knew he didn't need her, he needed his mother and no matter what she did, she couldn't be his mother and soothe his pain.

Suddenly she smelt her father's and his beta's scent coming towards her room and knew any moment they would open the door. And just like she predicted the door opened and the sight of her tired and ragged father came first. Behind him was the muscular frame of Beta Stainer. Despite the strength that one could see in the beta's bulk figure, the aura surrounding her father's tall athletic body gave out far more power and dominance.

"What did the trackers find this time?" AJ asked, her tone now firm and authoritative, the voice of a future Alpha Female. Her brother now quietened down slightly probably feeling the commanding presence of his father and the change in his sister.

Alpha Mikel looks from his son to his daughter emotionlessly and then turns to his beta and motions him to leave. As soon as the door closes behind Stainer, the alpha's shoulders sink in defeat and AJ immediately knows that the news is bad.

"What happened?" AJ asks. Her brother quietened down completely now.

Alpha Mikel knew that there was no point in hiding anything from his daughter as she always somehow finds out what is going on, nothing can be hidden from her sharp gaze.

"They found another dead body." The alpha says as he slowly walks towards his daughter and picks up his son in his arms.

"But..." She knew there was something that he wasn't telling her.

Her father finally looks at her in the eye and for the first time since he came into her room, she sees tears shining in his dark coffee brown eyes.

"But...but this time, they say that it matches her description." A couple of tears slide down his cheek and he looks down to not show his weakness, even if it's to his daughter but he knew that she could smell his tears.

AJ closes her eyes in pain, her chest felt like it was going to burst anytime and her heart raced along with her wicked thoughts of the horrendous ways that she could have died.

"Let's go." AJ walks out of her room leaving the door open without even waiting for her father to come out.

Alpha Mikel breathes in a loud sigh and prepares himself to go out there in front of his pack and act like the strong and powerful alpha that he is known to be. With a quick brush of his fingers, he wipes off any traces of his tears.

He gets out of the room with his son in his arms and follows the scent of his daughter to lead himself to her. Getting out of the main door of the packhouse, he sees almost all of his pack members standing outside in the clearing in front of the packhouse, most probably waiting for him.

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