His lips pulled away from my lips as his body slithered closer to the foot of the bed. He yanked my jeans from my hips along with my boxers. I was bare to him, showing him everything. I looked to where Sam is and I was in awe of his beauty. My hardened erection was standing tall looking for attention from its lover. It didn’t have to wait long for it was engulfed in loving heat.

            I watched as my lover erotically took my in his mouth to give me pleasure. I moaned as his tongue touched my sensitive head. The pleasure of his tongue stroking my bulb head was so good that I had to lay my head back on the pillows beneath the head connected to my neck. I couldn’t stop the sounds of ecstasy that were coming out of my mouth is I wanted to, which I don’t. 

            As I was soon reaching climax the heat and pleasure stopped. I groaned, I knew this was his plan. He planned to torture me with pleasure and take his own, refusing to give me mine, until he was don’t getting his. Once again I was looking into the eyes of my angel and devil as he still had the evil smile.

            “May I?” he asked. I nodded and his hand grasped my hard member. I didn’t know when he had taken off his pants, but I’m glad he did. He placed my body right at his entrance. I moaned at his face, for he was showing a huge amount of love and passion.

            As the first plunge consumed my sensitivity I was almost screamed as I felt it, the first torture. I could feel the clips pinching my nipples. The pain sent me in a frenzy, but as he lowered himself onto my erection I was sent into a fit of raw emotion. I was pleasured by the tight heat around my cock, but was tortured by the pain.

            I wasn’t enjoying this much since I’m not a masochist, but I wanted to show him that I love him, so I endured the pain and focused on his heat. The heat that now surrounded my swollen cock. I closed my eyes and focused on the pleasure around my exposed sensitive head.

            I was basking in the pleasure pain until Sam added another torture device to my body; an electric dildo was shoved into my body, and it was on. I felt the small electric currents run though my body as the clips on my nipples kept pinching and the heat around my cock head soon spread around an inch of my shaft. I moaned as all the pleasure/pain registered into my needy body. I needed Sam to make love to me, but he needed his reassurance.

            “I love you, Sam.” I said as his teeth nibbled on my earlobe. He stopped nibbling on my sensitive area and whispered lovingly to me, “I love you too. I love you so much, because even though you aren’t into this stuff you love me enough to make sure to keep me with you by love and not any other way. I love you so much.” With that I felt it. The heat that surrounded a portion of my body suddenly surrounded my whole member, head, shaft, and base. Nothing was left out until Sam decided to move.

            His heat moved up, tightening even more; I didn’t know if that was possible, but it happened. He moaned as he placed his hands on my shoulders and lifted himself off my cock. I had no idea what he was doing, because he had never done that before.

            I still felt the electrical currents that were shocking my tight canal into contracting and the clips that were pinching my hard nipples. I was so aroused that the chilling air around my cock had no effect on my erect state. Nothing was as sexually torturing as a constant arousal and a constant disappointment.

            I moaned as I felt a slimy liquid get poured onto my erect and chilled member. It heated my body up instantly as Sam spread the liquid over my body. I closed and opened my eyes to see the beautiful pools of blue staring at me intently.

            “Do you like the new lubricant that I bought? It heats up when it touches skin.” I moaned as I felt another wave of heat spread though my cock and made me shiver. I wanted something from him, and I wanted it now.

            “Sam. Please kiss me.” His eyes started to water. I knew how he felt about kissing. He feels that it’s so sacred that he wouldn’t kiss me until we got married. I knew how important a kiss was.

            He leaned down and pressed his lips to mine. I closed my eyes and melted into the feel of his silky lips against mine. I would feel a tear slowly drop from his eyes as a testament to how much he loves me. I would move my hands to his waist to hold him still, but my hands were currently occupied at the moment.

            I pulled back and opened my eyes. “I love you Sam. Know that I will always love you. I promised to love, honor, and cherish you forever and I meant it.” He sobbed and wrapped his arms around my neck. His also snuggled his face into my neck.

            “I love you so much Sean. I love you!” He sobbed into my neck and I nuzzled his since that was the only part of me that was free to comfort him. He pulled away and reached up to unlock the handcuffs. I moved my hands to his face and pulled him down, slowly, to kiss me. He allowed me to move his face closer to me. When our lips connected once again I felt an explosion of passion emanating from our hearts.

            My pulse raced when his tongue touched mine. We were exploring each other’s body and loving every touch, feel, caress, and sound that would come from our bodies, yearning to be touched and loved. Our hearts extended to the other person.

            We pulled away and I felt my cock throb from being neglected. I groaned as Sam blushed. “I Have I told you how much I love you?” He chuckled and reached behind him.

            “This lubricant doesn’t dry out until you wash it off, so we could keep going until we die, but now I want to make love to you, vanilla style.” He had to be honest, I was relived when I heard that. He took the clips off my nipples and leaned down to suck them.

            His suction was so erotic. It was like he was healing me with his tongue. He moved back and I felt his tight heat once again against my tip. I was positive that every time I enter him the heat gets tighter and tighter around me. I moaned as the head of my tool once again entered the loving heat that is my lover. He moaned as well and laid his body on mine. His arms wrapped around my neck and my arms wrapped around his waist.

            I thrust into his body sheathing myself completely into his body and I felt every muscle contract with his entrance. The heat was once again overwhelming. I couldn’t stay still with the pleasure of his tight body. I slowly pulled myself from his body until the tip. He whimpered. I thrust into his body once again.

            “I love you, Sean.” He whispered into my ear. I whispered, “I love you too.” Sam and I made love all night whispering terms of endearment and passion until we were sated that we couldn’t move. 

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