Sean and Sam

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Sean and Sam

            The anniversary of the Sam and Sean was supposed to be special, but one face stopped them, Sean’s boss had giving him overtime and Sean was forced to take it for he and Sam needed the money. Sean had been so busy working he had forgotten to call Sam and tell him that he would be late, so he felt bad when he found Sam crying on a beautifully decorated diner.

            “Sam. I know it’s our anniversary, but….” The words fell to deaf ears as Sam slapped me. His face was looking to the hall, which lead to the bedroom.

            “How dare you come in here and say that! You knew damn well that I had something special planned for us! You were supposed to come home early! I love you, but you need to commit to our relationship! You’re never home, and even when you are you don’t make love to me like you used to! I miss that!” He took a pause and I looked at his red eyes as he sobbed.

            His body started to slowly sink and I wrapped my arms around his body and held him close. I wanted him close. “I have to work hard Sam. I have to work three jobs.” He gasped. I hadn’t told him about having three jobs, because I didn’t want him to worry about me. “I have to make enough money for us to have a place to live, a livable environment, a monthly supply of food, and a supply of money for us to buy things like clothes, lotions, medication, etc. I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you, but I have and I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Please forgive me.” His head lay on my chest as I held him close and massaged his back

            “You…prove it.” I looked him in the eyes as his head pulled away. I started at my blonde haired beauty, as he looked me in the eyes. My heart melted and I fell deeper in love with him.


            “Make love to me, right now, in our bed. Please. It’s our anniversary, and I want you inside me…please.” He looked at me pleadingly. I couldn’t help but groan and not at his request. I wanted him. I’d gone celibate for over a year and I couldn’t hold on any longer.

            I picked Sam up and carried him bridal style to our room. The walls were painted a dark purple, our favorite color, and the bed was purple too. I could feel the temperature spike to a level where I couldn’t breathe. My heartbeat pulsed so rapidly my body was shacking in anticipation. I was waiting for tonight to be a special and strong experience.

            His eyes traveled to mine and I died with the look of longing on his face. I was meting at the seams. My body reacted to his, like always, and my heart swelled as my blonde hair blue eyed beauty smiled at me. I leant down and kissed his lips so softly and so sweetly. Our lips tangoed with each other’s and when my tongue touched his I went wild as sparks flew between us. Nothing could be more perfect. I opened my eyes to see his were open. He had an evil glint to his gleam.

I pulled away as I had seen this once before. He had nearly killed the last time he had this look. “No,” I said with authority, “I will not play that game. You nearly killed me last time.” His face fell instantly.

“You said you would make love to me to prove that you still did.” His eyes watered and I fell. I love him too much to reject him, even that.

            I sighed, “Okay. Just this once.” He looked up at me as a tear had fallen from his beautiful blue eyes. He wiped his eyes for any tears that were left, as he slowly became the happy little male minx that I know him to be.

            “Lie down on the bed,” He commanded. I followed his orders and laid my body on the bed to face the smooth ceiling. I hear him rummage though the drawers looking for his tools to torture me into a sexual frenzy. He squealed when he found them. I could feel him handcuff me to the bed, hands and feet. His whole weight suddenly pushed me closer to the bed and I was soon kissing my lovely husband on the lips while his hands messed with my pants.

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