Chapter 6

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Rod's Temptation; Six

Mariah vomited for the third time today, she hadn't heard from Rod in two days. She had been talking with Skylar, Champy, and Milan. They were going to put money together, to get the best lawyer they could.

Miracle pulled Mariah's hair back while Chante rubbed her back as she everything she ate for breakfast, went back up. She wiped her mouth with the tissue in her hand, she pulled back, flushing the toilet. She brushed her teeth as tears fell down her face.

"It's okay." Miracle said as she pulled Mariah in for a hug.

"Have you took a test?" Chante asked.

"No." She muttered, "I'm not pregnant."

"Maybe you should take a test ju-" Chante started.

"I'm not pregnant!" Mariah shouted as she walked out the bathroom and into her and Rod's room.

"I wanna be alone." She said when Miracle and Chante entered the room.

"It'll be okay." They told her as they hugged her before leaving her to herself.

Mariah was tired of people comforting her, she only needed on person. Just the thought of Rod going to jail for life made her want to vomit. The FEDs were everywhere, they probably seen everything that happened. Chico, selling, guns, murder.

She didn't know exactly what happened but she knew D had been missing and Zero was too. She prayed D had nothing to do with this, they trusted him more than anything. If he did rat, lord knows what he told.

She knew all the women were stressing, even Champy. She called Champy everyday, just to calm her down. She didn't want anything bad to happen to Champy's baby. But what scared her most was that their was a possibility Zane could miss the birth and leave Champy with three kids while he was in jail.

She laid down, closing her eyes as tears fell from her face. Not even a minute later she had fell asleep.

Mariah walked in the house, she had just got home from work. As soon as she closed and locked the door, something hard hit the back of her head. She fell to the ground as her vision turned black.

Mariah opened her eyes, blinking from the bright lights. She groaned as she heard movement, she tried to get up only to be pushed back down. She had a pounding headache, her head aching as she looked to her right and left.

Her wrists and ankles were tied to the bed, she felt a breeze over her body. She looked down to see she was naked, she pulled on the ropes as she screamed.

The lights were cut off, before a gag was shoved in her mouth. She twist and turned, trying to get the gag off her before something cold was pressed to her temple.

"Shhh." The voice whispered, "It'll be over soon."

The sound of keys filled the silent house before the feminine voice spoke, "Be quiet."

She caressed Mariah's hair before she walked to the corner, behind the bedroom door.

She could hear heavy footsteps before the door opened to reveal Rod. He flipped on the lights before his eyes went to Mariah. He gasped, walking over to her.

The female giggled, Mariah screamed when she heard a gun going off. She thrashed against the bed as she got a good look at the woman. She wore a red mask, her clothes all black, her hair high in a ponytail.

Blood fell from Rod's mouth as he watched Mariah. He fell to his knees as Mariah tried to scream as loud as she could through the gag.

"Bye baby." The woman said before she laughed as she watched Rod fall to the ground, his eyes closing. She turned to Mariah, "Your turn."

Mariah closed her eyes as she heard the gunshot and felt the pain.

Mariah shot up, she felt around her chest. No pain, no blood. She tried to calm her breathing as a knock came.

She pulled the covers off her before she walked downstairs. She looked through the peep hole to see a woman with light-brown/black curly hair. She pulled the door open as she looked at the woman.

"Can I help you?" She asked, trying to make it sound nice.

"I'm Asia, I just moved in next door...." Mariah tuned her out. She knew that voice, "-do you wanna come?"


"I'm having a cookout with some friends Friday, I was wondering would you like to come." Asia said with a smile.

"I have something to do, bye." She closed the door, locking it.

It was the feminine voice from her nightmare...


"How'd it go?" Zero said into the phone as the guards looked at him.

"I think she knows something's up. She was nervous." Asia said into the phone.

"If I ain't getting out, the rest of these niggas not. Either you can get them, or you can be in a cell too."

Asia sighed as she cut on her laptop, "I'm trying, Zero! I'll make it happen."

"I love you, sis." Zero said into the phone.

"You too." Asia told her brother before she hung up the phone.

She grabbed a pen, writing down the names of all the woman.

Champagne Chambers

She almost felt guilty that she had to end the life of a pregnant woman. Almost.

Milan Camry

She had been watching this one closely, she knew about her diabetes and her baby.

Skylar Nitte

Mariah Jennings

She put their address next to their name and the rest of the information she knew about them.

She wouldn't fail.


Mariah knocked on the office door that read Sianna Anderson.

"Come in." The smooth voice said before Champagne, Milan, Skylar, and Mariah walked in.

They took seats before Sianna sorted out everything on her desk, putting them up.

"How can I help you ladies?" She asked.

They all described their case while Sianna listened. She actually thought that she could get them out of this.

Sianna had told them that she did specialize in the case. Rod, Terrence, Suan, and D were being charged for drugs and drug trafficking. Nothing she couldn't handle since they wouldn't grant bail.

"Well their record is clean, nothing more than a speeding ticket. That's good," Sianna said as she looked up from her folder, "but being that they did have marijuana in their system and possessed more than twenty-one grams of it, theirs a possibility they could do five years. For having four grams or more but less than fourteen grams of heroin is three years."

Maria closed her eyes as she sighed, Sianna was the best lawyer in Miami. It was almost impossible to get to her but she knew she could at least take off some time.

"They only have proof of the drugs in their system. The drugs don't give away any evidence that they belong to them." She said

"How much time do you think you can get them to?" Champy asked.

"Six months to a year if I'm lucky."

Mariah stood up, walking out the room before she ran to the bathroom. Emptying her stomach again.

Sianna smiled apologetically, before she stood up, "I need to do some more looking and we can all meet back up tomorrow."


Mariah walked through Walgreens as she looked at the pregnancy test. She wanted to know but she knew it would only hurt her more when she lost another baby once again.

She grabbed two of them, she had to do it. She paid for them before she went home.

She glanced at the house next door where Asia lived. Though she didn't see the woman, she could recognize her voice. Maybe she was just paranoid.

She opened the door, closing it behind her. She went to the downstairs bathroom, doing what she had to do before she put both tests on the counter.

She sat on the ground of the quiet house waiting. She rested her head against the cool tub - boom. The sound of a door slamming made her stand up. She opened the bathroom door to see the front door wide open.

She closed and locked the door before she heard another sound as if something dropped.

She walked towards the kitchen slowly.

"I admit that you almost had me I admit I was almost crazy. Had me thinkin' 'bout callin' that bitch that night And let her know where she can come and meet me. But it's cool, I'ma be a lady. She think she cute but she don't phase me. And if you knew about all of this good love you'll be missin' out on. You wouldn't have played me."

She jumped up, holding her chest as she pulled her phone out of her pocket.

She pressed the answer button before the automatic voice spoke, telling her who was calling her.

"Hello?" Rod's deep voice filled her ear, she went into the living room, sitting on the couch.


"I miss you." Rod sighed.

"Do you know what's happening? Who's with you?" She asked.

"Terrence, Suan, and Zane." He told her, "You okay?"

"Yeah," she took a deep breathe, "forgot to lock the door, the wind blew it open."

Rod sighed, "Riah pay attention, baby. You making me nervous, knowing I ain't there with you."

"It's okay, I'll call the girls over or something."

"You talk to my mom?"

"She ain't happy with you, Rod. You gotta lot of explaining to do."

"I know, baby. I know."

"You eat?" He asked.

"I did." She said thought she threw every thing back up.

"You sure you okay?" He asked, noticing her discomfort.

"I just miss you." She said as she sat back on the couch.

"I'll be home soon."

"You don't understand. You could be facing eight years, Rod!"

"Mariah, lower yo voice. Somebody snitched, we ain't even seen D. That mean somebody want us and they gone try to use you to get to me. I'm just trying to keep you safe."

"I know."

'One minute remaining'

Rod sighed, "I love you, okay?"

"I love you too." Mariah said as she blew him a kiss through the phone.

He chuckled, making kiss noises with her, "Goodnight, baby."

"Night." She said before the line went dead.

She dialed Champagne, Milan, and Skylar's number, telling them to come over just to keep her company.

She stood, before she remembered the test. She had forgot about them.

She walked to the bathroom, opening the door that she never closed.

She screamed as Asia looked up with a grin on her face.

"Congratulations." Asia said as she held the tests in her hand. Before Mariah could do anything, Asia injecting something into her neck.

Black spots clouded her vision as she tried to open her eyes. Her eyes closed as she fell to the ground.

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