Chapter 5

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Jaxon's p.o.v

"Emily? Emily wake up baby. Wake up" I tried to shake her but she was unconscious.

I picked her up bridal style and ran back to the pack house.

"Susan!" I shouted to the pack doctor and she ran out of the living room.

"Yes Alpha?" she asked looking at Emily

"She fainted" I said and she nodded

"Bring her here. Rebecca bring my stuff" she shouted and I nodded

I took Emily to the living room to see it was full.

Everyone moved off the sofa and I laid her down just as Rebecca came with a bag.

"May I Alpha?" Susan asked and I nodded and moved back a little.

After a couple of minutes, of Susan checking Emily, she turned to me.

"She's okay Alpha. She was just a little stressed. She was thinking to much I think and she fainted. But she will wake up. Soon. It maybe an hour or so" she said and I nodded

"Thank you" I muttered and lifted Emily up.

"No problem Alpha. I'm happy Emily is back. We all are" she smiled and I nodded

I walked out the pack house and next door to our house.

I walked to the living room and laid her on the sofa, as cherry walked into the room with Oliver behind her.

"What happened?" She asked looking at Emily

"She fainted. Don't worry. She's going to be okay from now" I smiled a little

"Okay. I was just talking to Oliver about his alpha title. Are we still doing it this Friday?" Cherry asked and I shrugged looking at Emily

"Maybe. Actually yes. We are! I want every single pack to come. Every single person in the pack as well. From around the world I want them to come. And I also want vampires to come. Actually I want all of the supernatural to come! And it's important" I said smiling at Emily

"What! I thought it was just this pack?" Cherry asked confused.

"I know. But it's change of plan. And I'll call them all personally. My princess wants a mate? So I'll help her" I mumbled and walked out of the living room to my office.

I'll do anything for you Emily. Nothing is going to stop me


Emily's p.o.v.

I woke up to people talking in the room. I opened my eye to see Oli smiling at me with mom.

"Do you want to go shopping?" He asked and I nodded slowly

"I've never been shopping" I mumbled sitting up slowly

"Where's Jack?" I asked looking around getting worried

"Don't worry Emily. Jack is with his mate. I'm here for you! And you've never been? I'll pick the best things out for you" Oliver said excitedly and I nodded

"When are we going?" I asked

"Now! Come on. Mom I'm going" he said grabbing a hold of my hand and pulling me out of the room.

"Come on" he groaned as I sat in the car. He closed the door behind me and ran around his car and sat inside.

"Now let's go!" He said and started driving.

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