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I’m really very confused

Cos I don’t know what to do

What to think or what to write

I picked my pen and a strap

Hoping writing a poem

Would improve my mood

But setting to write I found

I was just empty

Not knowing what to write

And felt really lonely and bored

Lying on my bed

I stared at the ceiling

Hoping to find a cause clue

Hoping and wishing to get an answer

Suddenly it came rushing

Different thoughts and questions

Why is this happening to me

So I kept on wondering

Why is everyone negleting me

Why is there no one that cares

Where are my true friends

Where are the ones

Who call themselves friends

For years have thought

How can I know for sure

The true ones, my true friends

Those that can lend you hands

When you are drowing in lone

Those that can lead the path

Whenever you miss your track

So one day I decided

To give them all a test

All the ones I called my friends

But it greatly amazed me

That none passed the test

And still I give another chance

Hoping this will turn one up

For a period of days and weeks

I didn’t call or visit anyone

Thinking someone out there will notice

Wishing someone will be missing me

Still hoping one will wish me near

Or check on me if all is well

But it really astounds me

There is just no one!

I could not hold back my tears

For all this years

Have only just been empty

Have never had any friend

Have always been lonely

Hours and days I cry