Kaitlyn POV

I woke up and looked next to me and saw nothing i smiled and got up and saw Dean,Roman, and Seth,

R = "Hey Sleepy Head"

"Hey Roman,Dean and Seth"

D = "Hey Kaitlyn"

S = "Uh hey"

"Are we in the new state"

D = "Yea"

I walked into the bathroom and heard moaning in the other room i just ignored it showered and hered it louder It sounded like Ajs vocie i put on my shirt 8th milddla some black skinny jeans and my gray boots.

I walked out.

"Hey guys uh whats going on in that room" i said pointing to Seths Room.

S ="Um uh um""


The just focused on the tv.


I was in Seths Room having Sex with Phil or Cm punk wih hes huge dick thrusting inside of me i was moaning louder and louder every second.

The Door opened wide and Me and Phil saw Kaitlyn Screaming and passing out or fainting.

Kaitlyn POV

The Moaning conitued and i opened the door wide and Saw Aj and Phil or Cm Punk Naked and i screamed and Fainted.

xXx 2 Hours Later.

Seths Pov

I was pacing in out tour bus with Dean,Roman,Phil, and Aj.

"Well why is she still out its been 2 hours"

D = "Well they did have Sex in ur ROOM why didnt u do anything do keep them from having it"


Punk = "Well he was ok with it and still why she screamed and fainted"


I was thinking i should just tell them they full story,

"Uh guys um ik why she screamed and fainted"

S,Punk,D,R = "Well what"

"Well a few days ago when Kaitlyn wasent talking to Seth and Dean, Me and Dolph were having Sex she walked in and screamed and ran away only reason cause she saw us naked and she really didnt want see me or Dolph naked"

Punk "Make sense"

"Oh well HEY, she getting up"

Kaitlyn Pov

I started waking up and i got up.

"Hey guys wat happened"

Punk "U saw me and Aj naked"

S ="Wow way to sum it up"

"I think i need a nap"

i fell face foward on to the carpet.

S = "DUDE"

Punk = "Yea uh use this paper and try to get her up or Aj slap her or get a bucket of water"

Aj = "Let me go first"


I used some paper to try to get her up then i slapped her and she still didnt get up.

"Now what shes still down"

Punk = ''Let me pour the water on her"