Chapter 6

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And just like life flashed before my eyes, Not because of physical pain but the emotional pain.

Authors POV

It was now finally the day, Aj was going to face the Champion Roman Reigns For the Wwe world Heavyweight Championship. He's stressed and trained for this moment and it was now his time to capitalize.

Aj had switched roles with Roman most of the match, until the very ending when Aj was simply just the only one in control. It seemed as though Roman wasn't himself Today, then as Aj taunted Roman , he started laughing as Aj looked at him in confusion.

The titantron flickered on as Roman pointed towards it, as Aj turned around he froze in place. It was becky kissing someone and that someone was someone aj despised... Finn Bàlor.

Aj's POV

That can't be who becky has a crush on, I kept shaking my head as I soon looked down at the mat. Forgetting what to even do that moment I spun around, then my head started spinning as I got hit with a spear hitting the back of my head on the mat.

I knew for sure I was knocked out for a few minutes as I heard a roar of Boo's, then looking towards the ramp still a little dazed I locked eyes with Roman as he smirked and tapped his forehead and walked backstage. I staggered up and would've of got out of the ring but decided to stay as I heard his theme.

I used the ropes as leverage as I stood onto my feet, out came the man who had took the joy of my life. He wasn't alone, he actually had Becky with him and...I couldn't believe my eyes , I squinted to make sure my vision was being correct. My eyes weren't deceiving me, it was Karl and Doc. Then I noticed as I looked around the ring...they were all here. The entire faction that I had taken over for nearly my entire at New Japan was here, the bullet club...rumors were now true and now my pride had to be shown to be beyond true.

Authors POV

Aj taunted the men to get in the ring as one by one, the men had started to climb onto the ring aprons. As they did that Finn was walking down the ramp with Becky right in his arms.

Aj's POV

And just like life flashed before my eyes, Not because of physical pain but the emotional pain. Becky and Finn were kissing as then I got beat down. Trying was all that could be said as I tried fighting back, but the numbers game was too much as I soon blacked out.

Authors POV

Aj soon was unconscious as Becky just watched on with no emmotion, Finn then let go of Becky as he climbed the top rope and hit a coup de grace. He and the bullet club surrounded aj's body as he and Becky once again kissed ending the show.


I bet none of you were expecting that ending, now I would like to get your thoughts on who you thought was the crush for Becky. Thanks to all of you read, comment, and vote it means alot and hope you look forward to more updates soon.

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