36. Fantasies shock

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Dear readers,

I am so sorry for the late update but I was writing exams so for quite a while I wasn't able to update. Now I've updated and I hope you like this new chapter and many more to come. Thanks for your cooperation and steadfast supports.

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I turned on the bed. This sleep was so nice and I just don't feel like waking up unlike the days I have to go to work...Work! I immediately opened my eyes as I sat up.

I ran my hand through my hair, I can't believe I forgot about work. I took a look at the time and it was five minutes past six in the morning...wait...how did I...get on the bed? I remembered working late downstairs then Blayze came in to discourage me...I covered my mouth with my hand...Blayze! Blayze must have brought me in. That's the only explanation there is...that sort of made me smile. He does care after all...he encouraged me and brought me in...he didn't leave me on the sofa but on this comfortable bed instead...there is some good in you Blayze afterall...what...what is this that I'm seeing? I saw Blayze on the floor a bit away from the bed doing some push ups without...his shirt on.

" Wow!" I said almost like a mime without no sound coming out of my mouth as I brought my head to be at the foot side of the bed and my legs at the head side of the bed.

I never knew Blayze looked this good. As he pushed up and down, his muscles flexed and the sun coming in through the window radiated a certain beauty throughout his entire body that I never saw before...what is wrong with me? Why I'm I praising Blayze's body?

" Caden are you okay? " Blayze asked me as he turned and noticed that I was staring at him.

Damn! what I'm going to do? He has caught me.

" Caden I asked you a question? " he asked once again as he now stood in front of me.

" Um...um, I...um...I...oh shoot! Fine, I was admiring your body. Are you happy?"  I told him as I got down from the bed and turned to him.

Now I'm really going to get it...oh here it comes...

Blayze suddenly laughed...whaaat!? For the first time Blayze is laughing...he is actually finding something that I've done...funny!?

" Come here you." He said with a smile as he took hold of my hand and drew me into his arms. Wow...firm chest...again...what I'm I talking about? What is going on?

He pushed my hair behind my ear.

" All you really had to do Caden was...tell me the truth and...everything will be okay. " This was really wierd but what was more wierder was the fact that I actually really like what is going on. I don't know why and neither can I explain it but...I feel really great about being in Blayze's arms with he smiling and telling me all sorts of nice things.

He stared into my eyes and I stared back into his as our lips drew closer....

" Caden! " I immediately snapped out of my daydream as I slowly opened my eyes only to find out that Blayze was now standing in front of me with his real dry strict face...uhhh...wait...why are my lips protruded out this way?

I wondered as I looked down at my protruded out lips as if they were getting ready to be kissed...oh my goodness! Did I just get caught by the real Blayze!? I immediately jumped up to my feet after keeping back my lips to its normal position as I yelled.

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