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Chapter 1


You belong to me…

     I own you…

     The hypnotic timbre of Thane’s voice surged through my body making me tingle all over. Like a rush of heroin injected into my vein, soothing me, exciting me, I was completely and utterly hooked.

     The bustling crowd in front of the stage swayed back and forth and I swayed with them.  I was caught in the movement—the flow of people stirred like a whirlpool to the intoxicating rhythm and razor sharp lyrics of Malice.

     Your life’s in my hands…    

I’m sucking your soul…

     My favorite band for the past year, I’d traveled, with my best friend Chloe, across Idaho and Washington in the past two months to see them play.  My mom had been really cool about it, even lending me her car—an old POS, but a vehicle nonetheless—to drive to the shows just as long as I didn’t drive home trashed.  I’d attempted it one night, but got scared when I couldn’t keep it on the road, and pulled over at a rest stop.  Chloe and I slept in the car.

Thankfully no crazed psycho killer raped and mutilated us.  The worst that came at us was a stray dog looking for some scraps.  Chloe gave it the rest of her cheeseburger that we’d picked up a MacDonald’s drive thru after the show.

For eight gigs, I’d been entranced by the four member—three guys and one girl—band.  My body responded to every aspect of their music.  My head pounded to the constant heady thump of the drums, my heart thrashed to every guitar riff, and my thighs clenched with every word lead singer Thane uttered into the microphone.

     Some songs he looked like he was making love to the equipment, running his fingers up and down the silver pole, uttering a lover’s words in its ear.  I ached and throbbed wishing I could be that thin pole of shiny metal.  If only he’d hold me like that, gripping me tightly, running his sweet lips over my face and neck.  My eyes nearly rolled back in my head in ecstasy imagining what that would feel like.

     That was when Chloe punched me in the arm starling me from my fantasy.  “Salem?”

     “What?” I grunted, peering at her between strands of black and blond hair hanging in my eyes.

     “Do you want some of this?”

     I glanced down to see her passing me some vodka.  I took the offered bottle and tipped it to my lips swallowing down a good portion.  It burned going down, but it was a good burn, telling me I was still sober.  Which I needed to be if I was going to complete my mission of getting a back stage pass to meet the band.  This was their final gig for the summer in my home city—Boise, Idaho—and I wouldn’t get another chance to offer up my virginity to Thane.  I’d been holding onto it just for him.

     My mom had always told me that virginity was a gift and the guy better be someone special enough to give it to.  I figured Thane was extremely special.  I mean, my mom had given hers up to some Rock God in the 80’s, I suspected it was either Keith Richards or Iggy Pop because she had signed pictures of them both thanking her for a stellar night and when she mentioned either one of them she got this little smile on her lips and a devilish sparkle in her eye.