12. Old Bonds

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Chapter 13

Old Bonds

Maha's POV

"oh come on Fariya! stop crying"

"Am not crying" she sniffled wiping her cheeks as she stated stubbornly and I rolled my eyes. I sat down next to her and held her hand in mine, she was cold and I rubbed her skin a little.

"Stop being so upset now. Please?"

"why didn't you tell me he has gone to meet her in Pakistan?" she asked in her as usual grumpy tone and I sighed helplessly, I knew I wont be able to convince this idiot girl.

"Because I just didn't feel it important to tell you that Fariya! I mean what big deal if Bhai has gone to meet her?" I shrugged my shoulders and she stared my face blankly.

"Its not a big deal for you Maha! for me, it is" and then she looked away from my face.

"She has already hurt him a lot, I don't want him to get bruised all over again. What if she abandons him again? What if she disgraces him again Maha! after a whole decade he meets Tehreem and what if she still hates him? loathes him for just one tiny mistake, for just a joke she still seethe anger for Hussain inside her heart" she was saying looking ahead into space, almost stating to herself and then looked at me, a tear was just a bout to roll down through those long dark lashes.

"what if he gets hurt again?" she asked me, I couldn't respond and my grip over her hand went firm. "what if another ten years.... God! No!

She exclaimed and the desperate tear rolled down, her head hung low as she shook it.

For few silent moments I kept looking at her face; her eyes puffed and swollen, cheeks red as cherries and every feature holding a complaint "you really love him, yeah?"

Oh God! Maha you weren't suppose to remind her about this... she is already insane.

Fariya looked at me. "you tell me if I love him or not" she asked and I frowned shrugging a shoulder in confusion.

"I can not stop thinking about Hussain; his smile his attitude. Every little thing about him; the way he walks into the auditorium every Friday, they way he stands there on the podium holding that thick black mysterious book, his eyes full of wonders, his talking and his silence. The way he looks at me and scolds me, the way he sat in front of me in my lawn that night, trying his best to convince a stubborn girl to stop loving him" she kept on stating looking in to the space between us, and a small smile crept onto her lips at the end as if she was visualizing everything.

"knowing that he was hurt and spent all those years in pain and suffering my heart aches Maha! my heart aches for him" she looked at my face into my eyes, her orbs oozing pain and a strange kind of horror was there like the darkest deepest shadow lingering in her eyes penetrating in her soul.

Tears rolled down her cheeks, the tip of nose went all red once again. "Fariya! look...

"Why do I love him? why?" she asked jerking my hand, still holding hers and I helplessly nodded my head trying to clam her down.

"its okay Fariya! there is nothing wrong in loving anyone"

"yei to masla hea, I don't love anyone, I love Hussain" she cried and then pulling her hands out of my grip she got up from the couch.

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