Chapter One~

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Dean's P.O.V~ 

The Sun's rays aimed my eyes, forcing me to open them. 

Oh, thank you Mr Sun, for waking me up. 

I groaned as i dragged myself out of bed and washed up. Pulling a black hoddie over over my naked body and then changing into a pair of washed out jeans, i went downstairs.

Everyday was the same routine. I would wake up to find breakfast there for me already, made by my older brother, Jake, and my dad gone for work, and a little post it note which he said that he would be back late. And my baby sister, Chrissy, still asleep. I didn't get to see Jake in the morning. He had to go out to work, i suppose, 

I tore the post it note from the cupboard that my dad had left. If you're coming back home late again, why bother telling us? Might as well don't ever come back again. I thought. Crushing the paper, i toss it into the bin. 

I sat down to eat my breakfast. Despite having everything i wanted, i still felt un-loved, and unhappy. I was lonely, i had my group of friends but none of them cared about each other anyways. I want someone who can actually understand me, and...

'Yeah, and what?' The voice in my head taunts me. 

I groaned and rolled my eyes. I wish the voice in my head would go away. 

Munching on a piece of toast, i thought to myself, 

When will anyone come and change my life?

Just as i though God had answered my prayers, or at least my thoughts, i heard a huge truck driving into a road just beside mine. I threw my half bitten toast on my plate and flew to the window to get a better view. I see a truck, with the words "Moving company" splashed on it. A dark blue car then pulls up to the garage in the house next to mine. 

Someone's moving in!

I shifted the blinds to get a better look at the person moving in.

A lady in a sun dress steps out of the diver's seat and opens the backseat door, she then helps an old couple climb out of the car. Man.. that lady looked around my brother's age. Then i noticed that there was another girl in the seat next to the driver's. I watched as she climbed out of the car, she walk over to the lawn and smiles. 

The lady in the sun dress was helping the old couple into the house. Amazingly, the girl who was still exploring the lawn and the lady in the sun dress looked so alike. Are they sisters? 

Then the girl stands up and looks at my direction. I notice that she might be around the same age as i am judging from her height. She has pretty hazel eyes, and a button nose. There were freckles all over her nose and cheeks, and her soft and silky brown hair was being tossed and turned by the wind. She had a pair of brown shorts on and a cute yellow tank top. She catches my eyes and gives me a big smile. 


I whip around to find my baby sister standing behind me, with her favourite blanket tucked tightly to her chest and her bolster as well, and she's sucking her thumb. She looks at me with those beautiful green eyes and my heart melts. 

"What are you doing?"

Chrissy is the only person who can call me Dreamy. When she was just starting to talk, dreamy was what she always use to call me. Even up to now. 

I smiled.

'Uhh, nothing." I turn my eyes back to the window just in time to see that girl walk into the house.

'Great'. The voice says again.

'Shut up!' I told the voice. 

"Dreamy, I'm hungry.." Chrissy said, as she hugs her bolster. 

"Okay, go to the living room. I'll make your milk."

Chrissy nods silently and waddles out of the kitchen. 

I fished out a saucepan and poured some milk inside. Then i started heating up the milk. 

Ever since mum passed away, i have been the one making Chrissy's meals. I still remember once, she had thought me how to make scrambled eggs with mashed potatoes and fruit tarts that smelled so damn delicious when it was being cooked in the oven.

But since that day when she passed away, i had never made that recipe again.

Even though it was stuck to my head like glue.

Mum died in a car crash when i was 11, and 6 years had passed. But mum has never left my heart. Dad had almost remarried. Until i crashed the whole wedding. I had never approved of my new step mother. I loved my own mum. And that was nobody could ever replace her. 

Dad was really mad at me for crashing his wedding. Even until now. And yeah, i'm also mad at my dad for wanting to re-marry again.

Does mum even mean anything to you, dad? 

I shut the gas and poured the milk into a bottle and let it cool down. 

"Dreamy...?" I heard Chrissy call out.

"Yeah, i'm coming, just letting the milk cool down." i say.

My mind wondered to the girl and her family that just moved in.

I want to know the name of that girl living next to me. Maybe i would go over and say hi or something. 

'Later Dean, later.'

And for once, i agree with the voice in my head. 


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